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By Janet Bull on 15 October 2019

Have just returned from cruises to the Canaries. Have been on this ship 4 times before but have never experienced so much rocking and the whole of the cabin creaking during the first part of the cruises. There was also a problem with the on board cashless system, the internet and the public address system. There was talk around the ship that there was a problem with the stablizers and when we got to Gran Canary there was a lot of work going during our stay with lots of van and equipment on the quayside. When we left Gran Canary the on board cashless system and the internet was fixed. The ship did not seem to creak so much at night but we were woken up at 2am one night with a message through the cabin for crew to go to a suspected fire in the engine room! Then a further message about 10 mins later from the Captain telling us everything was OK and it was steam setting off an alarm. The next morning during breakfast we had another message over the public address for crew to go to deck 4 with a stretcher so we think the system was not quite right. The staff and the food were excellent as usual, the entertainment venues are too small for the number of passengers and the ship was packed but having been before we knew that and had gone for some sunshine and the stops. The rest of the cruise was good although we did get into Southampton 6hours early and we got the feeling that the Captain and crew we pleased to get the ship back to port ready for its 2 week refit! We were promised a questionaire after the cruise but have received nothing.

By Janet Bull on 15 October 2019

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  • Yes we were on this cruise also and like you we felt the Captain must have taken a sigh of relief to have got her home in one piece…. We actually started off with a problem that despite having priority boarding it was a nightmare as we were all given letter cards like the non priority and were held like cattle before could embark. I wonder if there was a problem before we left Southampton. Our 4th time on Britannia and found the shops on board a big let down – well as we said same old same old but the actual cruise was wonderful…enjoying fabulous weather every stop with higher temperatures than expecting and on the whole the food was exc ellent but shame wasnt hotter and wish we had the choice of more vegetables. Our cabin steward Joseph was delightful carrying out his duties in a very discreet efficient manner.

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