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Silver Whisper has all the charms of a stylish boutique hotel with a relaxing, sophisticated and genuinely elegant atmosphere. Revel in Silversea’s world-class accommodations, savour first-class dining, enjoy dynamic full-scale productions in a multi-tiered show lounge and more.

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Christmas cruise
By Haslimann on 12 January 2016
Silversea | Silver Whisper Reviews

I guess cruising is not for me. Not long enough in each place and a bit boring in between. My friends that I travelled with have done it before with Silversea and felt the company had cut back on some things. The lectures were not very interesting and the “shows” we’re a bit samey. The food was excellent and the crew very helpful. I think it’s a particular type of trip for people who aren’t...

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The Caribbean and the Amazon
By Neville Krasner on 15 December 2015
Silversea | Silver Whisper Reviews

Excellent ship, Service Food and Entertainment. Top class speakers on the several lectures. Overall, very enjoyable Very disappointed at thoughtless flight arrangements by Silversea, partly offset by payment of taxis to and from Heathrow to We would be very tempted to make individual flight arrangements in the future. mildly disappointing excursions, partly due to the low water level in the Amazon Not as good as those on previous cruises on which we hhave sailed. My...

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