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Star Clipper is a four-masted ship, as opposed to five like sister ship Royal Clipper. Designed for guests who enjoy life’s little luxuries yet yearn for a bygone era of traditional sailing. Star Clipper accommodates just 170 guests, taking them around the world in style and sophistication.

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Indonesian Adventure
By Michelle McDermott on 02 October 2017
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We spent 14 days on the Star Clipper undertaking back to back cruising, this is unusual as most passengers take just one week aboard the ship. Changeover day is a strange and wasted day, we took the opportunity to go ashore to Kuta and take advantage of free WIFI. This means that Star Clippers can repeat the menu week in week out, which is rather tedious if you are there for 2 weeks. the first...

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Time for a different cruising experience
By harry dowson on 08 March 2015
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As cruise ships get bigger and bigger and become floating resorts with 4000 people on board perhaps it is time to return to real sailing experiences . The Star Clipper has a maximum of 170 people most of whom you will have a chance to meet and talk to you during your week sailing. On our Caribbean sail the captain had the ship under sail almost every day. A true sight to see and experience....

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