Slightly Disappointed.

Cunard Line | Queen Mary 2 Reviews

By John Saddler on 28 August 2018

Slightly disappointed on our recent cruise. Although QM2 is an impressive ship, with overall high standards of service, and lovely cabins, a number of features did not meet expectations. The ship’s layout can be confusing. The Queens Room, for instance, was far from being a central feature, is located right at the stern, awkwardly positioned behind the Britannia Restaurant and accessed only by changing deck levels.

Whilst the Kings Court buffet meals were extensive and good quality, Britannia restaurant meals disappointed, with limited choice, small portions and the absolute minimum of entree dish vegetables. Wines seemed overly expensive, despite an extensive wine list selection.

Going ashore by tender revealed an evident lack of crew training, particularly for those helming the boats. Some anxiety and adverse comment arose amongst fellow passengers when crews clearly experienced difficulties arriving and departing both ship-side and ashore in calm conditions.

Overall, it was clear that a ship designed for transatlantic crossings is quite a different proposition from one that is focused on cruising. We will probably revert to our favourite Cunarder, Queen Victoria, for future cruises with this line.

By John Saddler on 28 August 2018

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