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By Geoffrey Randle on 15 October 2019

Third time on Ventura, looking fairly tired in areas. Like the new seating in Havana and Metropolitan. Food was very good in both self-service and MDR’s. Cut backs in staff in all areas is quite apparent since our previous cruise on her in 2017. The new regulations in regard to taking alcohol on board seems to me to be a complete waste of crew members time. I am sure they could be much more useful in other areas. In Gibraltar I counted at least 15 crew on the quayside giving receipts and marking up all the bottles, this then had to be sorted once back on board. On the last day it all then had to be put out for passengers to collect. Huge number of man hours!!! Headliners group probably the best we have seen on any P & O ship. Day time activities were somewhat lacking particularly for those who are less mobile, (In the majority on this cruise). A vast number of them were also aimed at trying to sell goods and services. Found nearly all the staff in the shops to be extremely unhelpful and lacked knowledge of the products that they were selling. This was a big change from our previous cruises.

By Geoffrey Randle on 15 October 2019

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