Standards lowered

Celebrity Cruises | Celebrity Eclipse

By Ian on 21 August 2017

This was our 6th cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse but I am afraid standards have dropped since our last Celebrity Cruise two years ago. Instead of formal nights, they now have “Evening Chic” nights. These involve some passengers dressing for dinner as before, but others in short sleeved open neck shirts. This is stupid. Either abandon Formal wear altogether or strictly enforce it. This half way house is the worst of both worlds. Food was not as good as two years ago, there was only only one stateroom attendant instead of two, no intricately folded napkin sculptures on the bed, and horror of horrors, some passengers attended the theatre in baseball caps. I am sorry to say that Celebrity are guilty of dumbing down their cruise experience and we shall probably not be booking with them again. We were far from the only passengers who thought the same as ourselves.

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