Such a shame that this ship is to be sold

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By Jennifer Fairchild on 01 November 2018

We have just returned from a cruise around the Adriatic aboard the Oriana, our first trip on this ship for over ten years. It has been refurbished recently and some layouts have been improved. I still question the ‘flow’ or lack of it, in the Conservatory, the buffet restaurant, which to me is impractical and leads to confusion and queues at popular times. Entertainment venues, like the theatre and Pacific lounge, are not the most comfortable and I do hate the fact that patrons order drinks during performances. We found the public spaces to be very cold. The thermostat in our cabin worked well but who wants to spend time in a cabin? The Peninsular restaurant suffered from its position on the ship and sometimes it was difficult to hear or make oneself heard, over the noise and vibration of the engines. The food, however, was excellent as was the service. I have marked down the rating for cleanliness as I found a number of public toilets to be rather dirty and smelly, but our cabin was immaculate. Oriana has a very limited number of shops but the usual ‘special events’ sold lots of cheap handbags and watches etc. Excursions from the ship were expensive and many can be done much cheaper using local taxis etc. Oriana is due to be sold in 2019 which is a pity as with some minor adjustments this would be my preferred ship given its manageable size.

By Jennifer Fairchild on 01 November 2018

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