Sydney to Singapore (part of a world cruise)

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By June on 01 April 2019

We had a lovely holiday and it was an experience to complete part of a World Cruise. The ship is a bit tired and the entertainment could have been a bit livelier. Due to the nature of the cruise it had lots of retired people on board and perhaps the entertainment was targeted to that age group. More choice of entertainment and also longer slots than 45 minutes at a time wouldn’t have helped. The food and service was however amazing and the destinations good. We did have the challenge of a cyclone to deal with and our departure was delayed 4 days at Sydney. The captain made the right choice to stay in Sydney and we were very well informed at all stages what the new plans would be. We did miss Brisbane due to this but every effort was made to reach the Great Barrier Reef and Rabaul despite time constraints. The crew were challenged with weather and decisions on many occasions but the passengers were totally updated and appreciative of his efforts to take us to the ports on the itinerary. We did enjoy our holiday and it was a wonderful experience.

By June on 01 April 2019

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