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By Lisa Patrick on 20 January 2020

This was our first time on Azura having previously been on Britannia. We were on the ship over the New Year. Azura was very tired and is definitely in need of the refit that it due in April. A lot of areas including some cabins need attention. I think that the staff must be fed up with people commenting because some of the time they are just not interested. We had to have our meals on the Oriential Resturant due to not being allocated Freedom Dining and when I tried to resolve it, they just are not interested and to be honest, I don’t think that they care. We had a couple of issues, but you just waste your time.

A lot of staff seem to be unhappy to be there, some areas clearly don’t have enough staff working.

Sunbeds were impossible to find, loads of towels, no bodies, the pool lads were clearing beds to free them up, but there are just not enough.

Quite a few people were disappointed that the dress code doesn’t seem to apply to some people and at times, the ship was very similar to Butlins. The smell was quite bad while we were on and we diverted from Gran Turk to Martinque due to operational circumstances, but we think this was to clear the tanks, as it does happen quite regularly apparently.

Having said all of this, we met some brilliant people and we personally had a lovely time, would we go again, not until after the refit.

By Lisa Patrick on 20 January 2020

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