Trials on board prove dinning experiences need improvement

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By Pete Frost on 09 December 2019

Obvious reduction in staff in the Cinnamaon and Saffron restaurant’s caused several reports of meals lasting 2 and 3 hrs. Waiters where rushed off their feet and now have to take wine orders and on some occasions were expected to take other people to tables in a different area.

Card room has been taken over by an arcade which 95% of time was empty. Only place to play was on outer edge of glass house.

Suggest using the Dixon area , where only 3 photo folding units were used so place 10 four seater tables with board games ,puzzles and places to play cards as massive area free

Disappointed that only time you now get loyalty discount(10%) is AFTER you have spent you on board allowance whereas before ya got it off every

Excellent housekeeping service was provided to us when a water leak happened in the bathroom and we were moved to an upgraded room, the team really pulled out all stops to make things perfect for us, to which I complimented them on


By Pete Frost on 09 December 2019

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  • Quite concerned to read latest reviews concerning staff. I have booked 5 cruises with P and O. One is for New Years Eve 2020 with my family. One comment was a member of staff not being patient with a disabled person and the other was the length of time for meals to be served. Our party includes 3 grandchildren aged 2, 4 and 6. Obviously adults don’t get as restless as small children when waiting for meals and although they will take advantage of the children’s tea time sittings, I would expect that they will dine with us on a couple of occasions. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to returning to the Ventura and it’s the first visit on a cruise ship by the grandchildren. Hope things improve during the year so we are not disappointed.

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