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By Helen Doig on 14 October 2019

We were on the Ventura 15 months ago and wow has it ever gone downhill for the prices paid!

* Biggest problem was the lack of staff and the poor staff are very clearly unhappy in their jobs, due to the amount of work they have to do with little time to do it, felt extremely sorry for them. Cruising used to be such fun and the staff helped to make your cruise.

* Loungers filthy, also complete lack of tables at loungers and that ones that you could find were filthy, decking was also dirty and quite unkept, this is again likely due to the massive cutback in staff which was very evident throughout the ship. Putting no longer there which we used to enjoy!

* Unkept areas within the ship especially at Costa’s where the back of the seating against the walls had spilt coffee all over then and again the poor staff likely just don’t have time to clean due to their ridiculous workloads.

* Food not nearly as good as last time we were on Ventura and again the poor staff are worked to their limits.

* Cabins are needing an overhaul, base of shower in our balcony cabin was rubbing away from use, chips at basin unit, toilet didn’t work properly.

* Sadly it’s just all about money now and they constantly send staff around all of the time to try to get people to eat in the speciality restaurants.

Overall P&O need to take a good look at themselves, we’ve enjoyed P&O in the past but we won’t be returning unless they get their act together. Everything’s become cheap and nasty and all about money. My husband and I spoke with many other guests who have been on Ventura before who were saying exactly the same things as I’ve just mentioned.

By Helen Doig on 14 October 2019

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