Wonderful ship – pity about the weather

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By Janet on 02 January 2018

We went on Adonia, across the Atlantic at the end of October, beginning of November. Unfortunately we had to skirt hurricane Ophelia and then storm Brian – which meant a lot of sea days in fairly bumpy conditions, with the decks closed at times, fortunately, we were midship lower deck. The Adonia is a lovely ship – the crew were all lovely, so friendly and helpful. The food was delicious. there was a wonderful craft teacher on board, which made the days go a bit quicker, unfortunately she left the ship at cape Canaveral, so we still had 3 sea days without craft lessons. There was only one lecturer on board, so no variety, and there was no art teacher – which I really missed on the 6 days plus that we had at sea. Is this one of P&O’s cutbacks? It was a pity on a really long sea voyage. It was a good job that the library on board Adonia is excellent.

Because of weather conditions, the route was changed several times and it became a bit of a mystery cruise. Understandable hurricane-torn islands didn’t want us.

While in Miami we came across tropical storm Cynthia – it became a very wet outing. The ship trip in Cape Canaveral was excellent.

At St Kitts, we were very impressed to see the car ferry from Malta, that had been converted to a school ship for children from islands that had suffered in the hurricane.

By Janet on 02 January 2018

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