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Home Cruises Colonial Coast & Amazon Seabourn Venture 2023-03-17

Colonial Coast & Amazon - V322 Seabourn Venture departing 17 Mar 2023

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Seabourn Venture
Cruise Line
17 Mar 2023
12 Nights
From / To
Rio de Janeiro / Manaus
Ports of call
Rio de Janeiro - Buzios - Recife - Natal - Macapa

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Date Date
Location Location
In In
Out Out
Date 17/03/2023
Location Rio de Janeiro
Out 17:00

Its stunning setting and joyous lust for life make Rio a cidade maravilhosa, “marvelous city.” Ipanema, Copacabana, samba – the words alone conjure Brazilian paradise.

Date 18/03/2023
Location Buzios
In 07:00
Out 14:00

Buzios is on everyone’s top ten most beautiful places list. With dozens of gorgeous beaches, warm, clear waters, lush tropical vegetation and a wealth of opportunities for active or relaxing play, it earns the spot easily. The place thrives on pleasing visitors, and you’ll be no exception.

Date 19/03/2023
Location At Sea
Date 20/03/2023
Location At Sea
Date 21/03/2023
Location Recife
In 08:00
Out 18:00

Recife, meaning “reef,” was named for the great natural mass of coral which lies off its coast. The city is made up of three sections: the mainland, the peninsula, and the island. Bridges of stone and iron connect the three. Founded by fishermen and sailors in the first half of the 16th century, the city grew rapidly along with the sugarcane and slave trades. The city continues to grow, and now skyscrapers are crowding out the beautiful colonial mansions of the sugar era. Today the city is known as a beach resort, and it is one of northeast Brazil’s most popular tourist destinations.

Date 22/03/2023
Location Natal
In 08:00
Out 18:00

Natal was built on the right bank of the River Potenji, right where the river meets the Atlantic; the soil is very sandy, with dunes and bays protected by reefs which appear all along the shore line. This “City of Dunes” invites you to ride in a dune buggy over huge sand dunes with sweeping views of the sea.

Date 23/03/2023
Location At Sea
Date 24/03/2023
Location At Sea
Date 25/03/2023
Location At Sea

If you are a “pollywog,” who has never crossed the line at sea, you will be expected to undergo a mock trial by King Neptune and his court for the entertainment of the “shellbacks” who have already done so. Mild but hilarious indignities will be conjured, and in the end a good time will be had by most, if not all.

Date 26/03/2023
Location Macapa
In 04:00
Out 08:00

On the north channel of the Amazon, at the river’s broad mouth, Macapá sits smack on the Equator, cut off from the rest of Brazil. The Marco Zero monument is a place where you can hop from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern. San Jose de Macapá Fortress, which supposedly guarded against riverine invasions, is an historic site, in a rather subdued way. Apa do Curiaú is a village of descendants of escaped slaves, with some unique local customs and commemorations. The Casa de Artesão sells handcrafts from the area’s indigenous tribes, as well as balatas, unusual ceramics covered in rubber.

Date 27/03/2023
Location Santarém
In 07:00
Out 20:00

Santarem is a busy port for the trade flowing up and down the Amazon between the Atlantic and the inland forests. The most famous site for visitors is the “Wedding of the Waters” where the clear, dark Tapajos River meets the muddy ochre Amazon. Due to their different densities, they flow alongside each other for quite some distance, between the same banks. Local boats specialize in taking visitors to the site. Local markets are fun to explore, and other excursions include visiting the smaller tributaries and forests, and fishing for the infamous piranha fish.

Date 28/03/2023
Location Parintins
In 07:00
Out 15:00

At this river town on the Amazon, there is a center that illustrates the history of mankind, both indigenous and immigrant, in the Amazonia region.

Date 29/03/2023
Location Manaus
In 08:00

The largest city on the Amazon and the main port for export and import on the river. It is actually located on the Rio Negro a few miles from where it meets the Rio Solimoes to form the Amazon at the famous Meeting of the Waters. The Teatro Amazonas is an Italian Renaissance Opera House constructed of imported materials, which hosted world-famous artists at the height of the rubber boom.


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