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Iceland & Greenland Norwegian Star departing 1 Sep 2024

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Norwegian Star
Cruise Line
1 Sep 2024
14 Nights
From / To
Reykjavik / Oslo
Ports of call
Reykjavik - Greenland - Greenland - Isafjordur - Akureyri See full itinerary

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Outside from £2,522pp

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In In
Out Out
Date 01/09/2024
Location Reykjavik
Out 16:00

There’s a good reason that Iceland is considered a photographer’s dream destination. Its terrain is visually stunning, offering views of lava flows, hot springs, unspoiled nature – and colourful, fascinating cities like Reykjavik. The world’s most northerly capital brings together quaint villages, exciting museums, a flourishing music scene and restaurants that rival Europe’s finest. Explore more of Reykjavik on a European cruise!

Date 02/09/2024
Location At Sea
Date 03/09/2024
Location Greenland
In 11:00
Out 21:00

This charming, colourful town has a pleasant centre with a small square featuring Greenland’s oldest fountain. The culture project Stone and Man can be seen as an open invitation to explore the town to find the 30 different motifs that are chiseled into rocks and stones by local and Scandinavian artists. The Church of Our Savior from 1832 and the town’s two museums are also well worth a visit. Try traditional Greenlandic suaasat, an Inuit wild game soup made with rice, onions, and potatoes. Shop for local arts and crafts inspired by legends of the Inuit culture, such as the tupilak, a small carved figure representing powerful mythical magic.

Date 04/09/2024
Location Greenland
In 06:00
Out 17:00

The coastal town of Nanortalik provides a charmingly scenic way to experience the natural beauty of Greenland. With its name meaning “the place of polar bears”, it’s not uncommon to see amazing wildlife during your visit here. There are plenty of awesome encounters a trip to Nanortalik provides, including breathtaking views of its mountainous terrain, kayaking and hiking near the Tasermiut Fjord for some outdoor fun, and an engaging local history lesson at the Nanortalik Open Air Museum.

Date 05/09/2024
Location At Sea
Date 06/09/2024
Location At Sea
Date 07/09/2024
Location Isafjordur
In 07:00
Out 17:00

As the largest town in Iceland’s remote Westfjords’s region, Ísafjörður is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting an enchanting fjord ideal for watersports and a mountainous landscape brimming with opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Originally a church site and a 16th century trading post, the town of Ísafjörður is home to wonderful museums and historic sites for those wishing to learn about the region’s rich heritage and local culture.

Date 08/09/2024
Location Akureyri
In 07:00
Out 16:30

Nestled along the shores of one of the most breathtaking fjords in Iceland, Akureyri is the nation’s second largest urban area and a centre of Icelandic folk culture. Visit the museums, hike along the extraordinary vistas or explore the botanical gardens. Shop in one of the charming boutiques and then catch a glimpse of the most northerly 18-hole golf course in the world. After you’ve worked up an appetite, feast on some Nordic specialties like smoked lamb and fresh fish and then indulge in an Icelandic fried pastry.

Date 09/09/2024
Location Djupivogur
In 08:00
Out 16:00
Date 10/09/2024
Location Faroe Islands
In 09:00
Out 15:30
Date 11/09/2024
Location Olden
In 12:30
Out 20:00

The beautiful views from the ship as you cruise into Olden and a natural wonderland are not to be missed. Located on the southern shore of Nordfjord, Olden is an ideal base to explore the surrounding landscape. From the picturesque village, you can journey into Jostedalesbreen National Park to hike among rushing waterfalls as mountains rise around Briksdal Glacier. Dramatic vistas outside of Olden are an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with a wide range of attractions and tours to suit all activity levels.

Date 12/09/2024
Location Bergen
In 07:00
Out 18:00

View this lovely and charming Norwegian city from your cruise ship and you’ll see how the city is nestled between seven mountains, seven fjords and the North Sea. The Norwegian King resided here, and many historical events took place in this busy port. These events come alive when you amble down the old streets of Bryggen, past picturesque, wooden buildings and the Romanesque-style St. Mary’s church. Explore more of Bergen on a European cruise!

Date 13/09/2024
Location Ulvik
In 07:00
Out 16:00
Date 14/09/2024
Location Kristiansand
In 08:00
Out 18:00
Date 15/09/2024
Location Oslo
In 06:00

Imagine sailing on the incredible Viking long ships in the Viking Ship Museum. Picture perfect, the oldest Scandinavian city sits at the head of a 60-mile fjord framed by lakes, woods, moors. Views forever, visit the cliff-dwelling Akershus Castle, originally built in 1300.

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