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Italy Intensive - JR07M606 Azamara Journey departing 22 Apr 2023

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Azamara Journey
Cruise Line
22 Apr 2023
7 Nights
From / To
Venice / Rome (Civitavecchia)
Ports of call
Venice - Ravenna - Ancona - Kotor - Amalfi

Inside from £1,189pp

Outside from £1,385pp

Balcony from £1,580pp

Suite from £2,112pp

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Date 22/04/2023
Location Venice
Out 18:00

One of the world’s most beautiful cities also happens to be one of its most unusual. Venice is actually made up of over 120 islands in the Adriatic Sea. Because the city is connected by canals instead of streets, a good way to see Venice is on a romantic gondola ride. The epicenter of the city is St. Mark’s Square, where you’ll find the 900-year-old Basilica of St. Mark

Date 23/04/2023
Location Ravenna
In 07:30
Out 22:00

Both beautiful and historical, Ravenna is not only a destination in and of itself, but also the gateway to Bologna and San Marino. Once the capital of the Roman Empire, it’s hard to miss the influences of Eastern Europe found in its precious marbles and rich mosaics.

Date 24/04/2023
Location Ancona
In 08:00
Out 15:00

Rising above the waters of the Adriatic Sea is Ancona, a city steeped in over 2,400 years of history. From the Cathedral standing high above the old town on Gusaco Hill to its beautiful ancient arches, Ancona is a city waiting for its secrets to be discovered. Uncover the past with Azamara®’s immersive Italy cruises.

Date 25/04/2023
Location Kotor
In 10:00
Out 20:00

Kotor’s beautiful bay has long attracted passing ships that stopped to trade, plunder, or conquer, and merchants, pirates, and soldiers of numerous empires have walked this maze of cobblestone streets before you. One of Europe’s best-preserved cities of medieval or Renaissance vintage, its walls were constructed right into the steep slopes of the mountain behind it, providing protection and making it an amazing sight on approach from the sea. Venetian ramparts enclose a rich history, with churches of varying styles, and a Romanesque cathedral built on the foundations of an earlier church, and a still earlier Roman temple.

Date 26/04/2023
Location At Sea
Date 27/04/2023
Location Amalfi
In 08:00
Out 20:00

Renowned for its sheer cliffs and striking beauty, the town of Amalfi on the Gulf of Salerno is known for its photographic splendor and its close proximity to Sorrento, Positano and Isle of Capri. This enviable area of Italy also produces the most beautiful handmade paper. For a most interesting afternoon, take a tour the Museo della Carta, the paper museum, and take home the most beautiful souvenirs. Amalfi is also the burial place of Saint Andrew; the town’s cathedral is named in his honor.

Date 28/04/2023
Location Sorrento
In 07:30
Out 17:30

A warming sun and gentle sea breezes have been attracting visitors to this fair spot for two millennia. Its reputation as a playground of the ancient rich and famous resulted in the building of lavish villas and palaces, an emperor relocated to the Isle of Capri nearby, and over the centuries it has been a haven for artists and artisans, writers and poets, politicians and philosophers, and all manner of aristocrats. You will be a welcome addition. The massive eruption of nearby Vesuvius in 79 AD caused considerable damage, but the resulting volcanic ash is responsible for Sorrento’s modern day fertility, thriving olive orchards, and excellent wine.

Date 29/04/2023
Location Rome (Civitavecchia)
In 06:00

Rome has something special to offer to all visitors, no matter their interests and tastes. Whether you daydream about fighting with gladiators in the Coliseum, debating with togaed senators in the Forum, tossing a coin in a fabled fountain, or being awestruck by the magnificence of St Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s masterpieces, Rome seems to live up to its sobriquet – the Eternal City. When you need sustenance, today’s Rome will provide delizioso pasta e vino. Or perhaps you draw strength from a little retail therapy – the Italians are also renowned for their sense of style.

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