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By ROBIN AND LYNN WOODALL on 02 April 2019

Since booking our first cruise with Bolsover Cruise Club a few years ago, me and my wife have always been looked after by Amber, a very knowledgeable young lady about cruising. A couple of weeks ago we booked our 8th cruise with Bolsover, again been looked after by Amber. My wife and I now consider Amber as a friend, not as a Cruise Consultant after all these years of looking after us. An excellent service every time, THANK YOU.

Just had a phone call from Wendy from Bolsover, saying would you like an upgrade to the Queens Grill on the Queen Mary 2 for our upcoming cruise in a few days time, the answer was YES, and would ring back the next day with all the details. Amber rang us the next day with all the details and told us what we wanted to know. A brilliant service. All we can say is thank you very much, Bolsover Cruise Club and Amber for looking after us.

By ROBIN AND LYNN WOODALL on 02 April 2019

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