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Walvis Bay, Africa

The natural beauty of Walvis Bay is the real attraction to this wonderful cruise destination. The lagoon is truly spectacular, with awe inspiring salt flats and sand dunes that play host to an incredible array of wildlife from pelicans to flamingos and much more in between.

Namib Desert

Without a doubt one of the most popular experiences here is to take in the dramatic scenery of the Namib Desert.Namib literally translates into “place of emptiness” and this amazing experience offers the opportunity to explore the life of this desolate landscape. Most excursions here will take place via 4X4 vehicles in order to provide optimum comfort. In this scenic drive you will seek out the famous creatures of the desert and the superb guides will be sure to assist in finding some of the stunning wildlife. The Palmato Gecko and Desert Sidewinder are two of the most popular inhabitants to find. The sand dunes of the desert provide some of the most sensational scenery imaginable and plenty of time will be provided to capture some outstanding photographs of your memories.

Dune 7

Another thrilling adventure experience here to see more of the destinations natural beauty is the chance to visit Namib Nauklift Park where you will be invited to explore the treasures of Namib as well as the impressive scenery at Welwitschia Valley. The journey to the park alone is fantastic as you will pass by the waves of sand dunes and it is often a great idea to make a stop at Dune 7 for a magnificent photo opportunity. This is the highest dune in the region and provides a unique platform from which to view Walvis Bay. Welwitschia Valley is an incredible place and home to the extraordinary Welwitschia Mirablis plant. This phenomenal plant species is completely unique to Namibia and is famous for its ability to adapt to such a harsh habitat. The plant will only ever produce two leaves throughout its entire lifetime and when you discover that the usual lifespan of this plant is over 500 years, that’s pretty special. From here you can also take in the remarkable ‘lunar landscape’ found in the locations vast area of eroded valleys. This really is like you are walking on the moon and if you allow your imagination to run away with itself, it’s almost believable. The awe inspiring views here are superb and make for the perfect close to the day before heading back to the ship.

Deep Water Harbour

Walvis Bay spent many years as part of the South Africa Union and it was only in 1995 that it returned to Namibia’s control. Re-taking control of Walvis Bay was a huge factor for Namibia considering that the Bay is the only deep water harbour on their entire coast and also a huge production area for salt water. The area is so prime for salt water production that it actually manages to produce 400,000 tons every year from its 3,500 hectares.

Sample Local Delicacies

As an alternative to exploring the natural beauty of this destination, another option is to head into the town itself. Make your way here and you will discover an array of restaurants, bars and shops. Sample some of the local delicacies and enjoy a relaxing refreshment whilst soaking up the town vibrant atmosphere before exploring the shops and taking in the local stores to see if you can find the perfect unique purchase to take home.

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