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Renowned for being the Salmon Capital of the World, this stunning port of call provides a fascinating experience starting with its superb old city. Ketchikan is located at the base of the impressive Deer Mountain and the downtown area slips beautifully between the glistening waters and the mountainous forest backdrop. The city nestles into the hillside, compromising of many boardwalks and wooden staircases that allow locals to get around. It’s a well-known fact here that there is actually more totem poles in Ketchikan than anywhere else in the world.

The locals in Ketchikan are friendly and welcome tourists with open arms. Not only does Ketchikan provide tourists with a relaxing day in wondrous surroundings, it also gives you the chance to explore a truly historic destination. Take a walk along the harbour, see the collection of boats that line the stretch and are ready and waiting to head out for the next fishing expedition and marvel at the impeccable waters of Tongass Narrows for even more for exquisite scenery before uncovering what Ketchikan has to offer.

Meet The Locals

The locals in Ketchikan are friendly and welcoming, and will provide a brilliant insight into their famous history and art collections as ancestry here is incredibly important. A notorious feature includes the Totem Heritage Centre which welcomes guests to discover the history behind the towering stature of totem poles and also acts as a generous location, salvaging the totem poles and restoring them to their former glory. The communities here are amazing and the local knowledge is worth exploring whenever possible.

Deer Mountain

Upon arrival the sight that immediately catches the eye of visitors is the impressive stature of Deer Mountain. This spectacular location provides brilliant hiking adventures with a range of walking treks suitable for all levels of fitness. The treks will vary in difficulty so be sure to look into this before setting off. One of the most incredible treks to enjoy is to climb the Upland Way and take in the breath taking views over the city centre. Not only is Deer Mountain famous for its superb scenery but it is also a great place to enjoy a kayak experience. The well protected waterways here are sensational and there will be tour opportunities with a variety of cruise lines to give kayaking a go and take in the sights up close. One of the most renowned points of interest at Deer Mountain has to be the Hatchery. This wondrous location provides a fascinating insight into the world of salmon cultivation, where over 300,000 Coho and King salmon are raised here each and every year.

Fishing Adventure & Crab Feast

If you’re up for an adventure try an Alaskan sport fishing adventure, try a catch and cook fishing trip or do something a little less adventurous by taking in the city centre sights by horse and carriage followed up by a tasty crab feast. For something truly special and once in a lifetime, there is an opportunity with numerous cruise lines to take in the Misty Fjord scenes by seaplane that is an incredible sightseeing adventure. As the nation's second largest wilderness area, Misty Fjord is amazing sight to see by seaplane and the excursions comes complete with a spectacular water landing that allows you to step out onto the plane’s float. Along with the magnificent scenery, the Misty Fjords National Monument is a fabulous monument that you can explore.

With much to see and do in Ketchikan the opportunities are endless and the hardest decision you’ll have to make here is what to do first.

Not only is Ketchikan exceptionally beautiful, this delightful port of call opens up a new world of adventure. Sightseeing is astonishing and the historical heritage here boasts the chance for a great day of discovery.

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