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Whittier has a small town feel with a big heart. Only 400 residents are located here and the port of call sits beautifully at the edge of the Prince William Sound. The surrounding area is truly spectacular with port nestling right on the edge of the northwestern Sound point within a long fjord region. The destination is enclosed by fascinating wildlife throughout its clear waters, glaciers and rain forests. Wildlife here includes otters and the incredible sight of orca whales.

The climate here varies and the location is often renowned during winter periods for its swirling winds and bitterly cold temperatures but during the summer and autumn months, the area is extremely beautiful with a blissful peace and complete tranquillity. Arrive at this time and you are in for a wondrous treat to see this port of call in its element. The port of call has become increasingly more popular in recent times as an alternative embarkation and disembarkation to the busier port of Seward. It may be a quaint sight at first but the area actually boasts a history steeped in military distinction having been a key defence point for Alaska during World War II.

As well as being a beautiful port of call itself, Whittier also acts as the perfect gateway to Anchorage, Alaska’s more vibrant cosmopolitan area. Anchorage is often a key highlight aboard an Alaskan sailing due to the superb array of cultural and entertainment options to explore here. A hugely spirited destination with a beating heart and soul, Anchorage provides a fascinating location to visit. This is another reason the port of Whittier is often used as an alternative to Seward as the port is in fact an hour closer to Anchorage, providing a more convenience route for holiday makers. Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city and sits right in between the incredible Chugach Mountains and the famous Cook Inlet. The Alaskan wilderness consumes the surrounding area and provides an utterly unique and mesmerising backdrop to one of the world’s most picturesque settings. Close by guests will also find the awe inspiring sight of Mount McKinley, the largest of the North America peaks and a hugely impressive point of interest. This awesome skyline dominance provides a wonderful view before arriving at the simply stunning Denali National Park.

Denali National Park is quite literally incredible. Witness the alluring arts centre along with the many sublime restaurants as well as its own zoo to explore. The Alaska Native Heritage Centre resides here for a glorious insight and the many museums dotted around provide a fascinating view through the looking glass into the history of this extraordinary state. At this captivating point you can do anything you wish. Simply unwind and relax taking in the scenery or opt for something a little more active by undertaking a mountain bike experience, kayaking or even pan for gold in the famous mines.

Whittier and Anchorage come together to portray a truly breath taking experience and an unforgettable destination. Wildlife resides everywhere, even in the heart of the city and the most amazing memories will be formed at this superb port of call.

Excursions include exploring the Anchorage city highlights, cruising the Prince William Sound or enjoying a kayaking adventure. Soak up the magnificent sights of Blackstone Bay and its impeccable glacier scenery or immerse yourselves in the Alaskan traditions. There is no finer sight than this glorious destination.

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