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Yakutat Bay

Yakutat Bay provides a wonderfully scenic welcome to its cruise passenger guests. The destination is the only sheltered deep water port in Alaska and the surrounding backdrop of glacial ice fields is absolutely captivating. The port of call is the perfect gateway to take in the majestic sight of Hubbard Glacier, the most famous glacier in the area and a spectacular sight to behold. Hubbard Glacier is also the largest tidewater glacier in the whole of North America. The amazing vision spans over 6 miles wide and spreads 76 miles inland. At the tip of the Yakutat Bay this iconic locations portrays a 300 foot tall ice span leading into the peaks of Mount Logan, the tallest peak point in Canada. It may seem like a hidden gem but this port of call is a spectacular point of interest aboard an Alaskan sailing.

Hubbard Glacier is steeped in history and during the year of 1986 became even more famous due to the incredible movements that took place. The glacier eminently moved forward blocking Russell Fjord and causing a huge issue of trapped wildlife. Sea lions and dolphins in particular found themselves wedged within the newly formed area and it wasn’t until October that year that created dam finally forced through and broke free to release approximately 6 billion cubic meters of seawater into the bay. During the time of the movement, the height of the water level rose to over 90 feet before the release. It is believed to be the largest water discharge ever recorded on the continent.

Away from the majestic sight of glaciers as you enter the area, Yakutat Bay provides the entry point and welcome centre to the Yakutat City, which by area forms the largest city in the USA, an amazing statistic and a truly magnificent sight, it is in fact now considered to be the eight largest city in the world. The wonderful thing about the destination, however, is that although the area is extremely large, spanning 9,000 miles, there is actually only a local population of less than 1,000, making the area unscathed and as picturesque as ever.

Cruise operators revel in showing their passengers the remarkable sights of this area and take pleasure in unveiling the fascinating insights of such a tremendous port of call. Excursions are fantastic and the scenic Hubbard Glacier can be seen from as far as 30 miles away, making the entry to the destination simply stunning.

The port of Yakutat Bay continues to boast a unique wow factor and welcomes passengers to an unrivalled point of interest along the way during their enthralling Alaskan cruise.

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