Cruising To Sydney


There are few places in the world as impressive as Sydney Harbour when it comes to cruise holidays. As you arrive in this shining city, you get an instant taste of everything that this city stands for; culture, class and a very cosmopolitan lifestyle. During your time in Sydney you can sample some of the very best Australian cuisine, enjoy a wealth of activity, and take some exciting excursions that you will never forget.

Sydney Opera House

Shining like a beacon on the brink of the Sydney shoreline, the iconic Sydney Opera House welcomes visitors to this magnificent Australian city and is just one of the any attractions that make it such a popular cruise destination. Whether you organise a tour, see a show or simply get a few snaps, a visit to the Opera is a must on any visit to Sydney. From here, you can take a walk along the stunning harbour all the way to the Botanic Gardens, which provide a peaceful escape from the bustling city that’s perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Food & Drink

Sydney is blessed with a wealth of places to eat and drink that make it a gem for any food fanatics who want to dine like royalty on their cruise in Australia. From romantic restaurants high above the Sydney skyline to quirky bars and restaurants scattered around the Sydney, there is no shortage of places to wine and dine during your time in the city.  And with so many opportunities to shop til you drop, you’ll want to indulge with a few cocktails and a good meal after a day exploring the city. Although Sydney has no end of high street brands and luxury boutiques, for a real experience head to Paddy’s Market, the Chinatown Night Market, or the Sydney Flower Market.

Evening Entertainment

At sunset, Sydney really looks sensational, so find a good spot to watch the sun go down when you’re visiting the city. North Head Lookout is a popular choice, where you can feel the wind rushing against your face as you look out to the horizon. However if you’d rather sip wine as you watch the skyline from indoors, 360 Bar and Dining is a show-stopping spot for a few drinks as you watch day turn to night and the skyline light up as far as the eye can see. On an evening, Sydney has plenty of shows, bars with live music, and great places to socialise if you want to enjoy the city’s nightlife. For the adventurous, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a night is a thrilling activity that you’ll never forget.

Beyond The City

Beyond the city, the vineyards that sprawl across Hunter Valley make a fantastic day trip and a chance to see the beautiful rural side to the south-east of Australia. However if you’d rather soak up the sun, sea and surf of the coast then there are some incredible beaches just outside of Sydney. Bondi and Coogee Beaches offers excellent opportunities for walks along the rocky coastline, whilst Shelley Beach is perfect for swimming. If you have the time, taking a surf lesson at one of the beaches near Sydney is a must!

Say Hello to Sydney

A truly impressive addition to the itinerary of any cruise holiday, Sydney has so much to offer from fantastic food and drink, to culture, and beautiful beaches beyond. With an Australia cruise holiday, you can take in the delights of Sydney as well as other destinations such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and more, to soak up the sun and be welcomed by the friendly atmosphere of this incredible country.

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