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The largest city in Scandinavia, Copenhagen presents a fantastic port of call to visit aboard a cruise of the Baltics. Copenhagen has been Denmark’s capital for over 600 years and portrays a wonderfully picturesque city scape for an adventurous day’s exploration. 

Arriving In Copenhagen

The most commonly used port when visiting Copenhagen for day visits is Langelinie Pier, which is perfectly situated just a mile and a half outside of the city centre. Shuttle services are often run by cruise operators but there will also be private taxi’s quayside or as an alternative, it’s approximately a ten-minute walk to the edge of the centre.  From the moment passengers disembark here they are greeted by a lovely area of shops and cafes as well as the Copenhagen Information Centre. For passengers disembarking or embarking in Copenhagen when the cruise is being used as a turnaround port, the terminal used is often a little further out and known as the Freeport Terminal.  This location is a little over two miles from the city centre so still easily accessible. 

The city is incredibly easy to navigate thanks to the structural methods and transport options. Along the walkway into the centre of the city passengers will find the inviting “Cruise Lounge” where upon proof of being a cruise traveller guests receive complimentary tea and coffee.  The other benefit of this innovative idea is that should passengers make any purchases at the renowned locations of say Georg Jensen or Royal Copenhagen, it is possible to store the bags here and collect them on your return to the ship.

The Danish Fairy-tale

Around Copenhagen you will find many statues of the author and poet, Hans Christian Andersen, whose fairy-tales are known worldwide. At Langelinje Pier, you will find the bronze sculpture of The Little Mermaid who was inspired by one of Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tales, and was a gift to the city from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen.

Visit the sensational Christiansborg Palace to begin the day for a wondrous experience or perhaps take in the current home of the Queen Margrethe II at Amalienborg Palace. Elsewhere, The National Museum is located in The Prince’s Palace, and inside the wide corridors lies Gallery exhibitions from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages and more. Opt to take in Kronborg Castle, one of the most famous Danish castles, that was the famous set to Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

To capture the blissful beauty of the city, there is no finer experience than to head for the simply stunning Tivoli Gardens where if guests wish, there is even the possibility to enjoy a Ferris Wheel ride for an even greater vantage point. From here a great idea is to take a meander along the many shopping boutiques of Strøget, the longest pedestrianized shopping street in Europe and also a wonderful location to enjoy a local delicacy at the many sumptuous cafes. Not only is this area a fabulous opportunity to pick up a souvenir to remember, but the market stalls that line the glorious Nyhavn Canal are also excellent. The abundance of uniquely charming items combined with the backdrop of the enchanting canal and beautiful old houses make this a picture perfect waterfront.

Famous Landmarks And Fortress

Passengers wishing to enjoy Victorian Copenhagen can enjoy a tour of such highlights as the Church of the Holy Ghost, the Cathedral of Copenhagen and the Black Diamond Royal Library along with many more famous landmarks. This can even be combined with captivating canal cruise to enhance the tour further. The Stevnsfort Cold War Fortress is an incredible place to visit for those looking to gain a greater understanding Cold War in Copenhagen. The amazing Fortress here dominates the skyline in stature along with a guide into the history of the many Warsaw Pact navy ships. 

Copenhagen On Foot  

Often the most popular tour option here is to undertake a full-scale city tour. Copenhagen is impeccably easy to get around but by having an orchestrated tour guide, passengers have complete peace of mind whilst gaining a thorough insight into the many intriguing sights. For a Danish treat, many passengers decide to head for the Tivoli Gardens or the and spend the day revelling in the tranquil surroundings. There is also the chance, should guests wish, to experience a visit to Denmark’s most famous exporter; Carlsberg. The brewery is located in Valby and a tour here is absolutely fantastic to discover the many tourist attractions. The visitors centre here is fantastic and begins with the sight of four granite elephants guarding the entrance bearing the name of the children of Carl Jacobsen - the son of the founder of Carlsberg. Witness the old granary, take in a historical insight into the heritage of the breweries and even soak up an exhibition demonstrating the method of creation. It was Carlsberg who originally announced the innovative concept of fermenting beer in the bottle and this iconic brand name know promotes itself as home of ‘probably the best beer in the world’.

The Copenhagen Card

Passengers looking to explore the city themselves, may like to obtain a Copenhagen Card that are valid for 24 – 120 hours, depending on the ticket you buy. Bus and rail travel is included on the card, with children under the age of ten going free. The purchase of the card will also provide reduced fares for access to many of the tourist attractions, with many of them even included in the price of the ticket. 

A visit to Copenhagen is always exciting; visit during the summer months and soak up the delightful climates or opt for a winter sailing for a special Christmas market festivity.

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