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Welcome to Kristiansand, the capital of Southern Norway that’s also famous for being the sunniest. This beautiful port of call serves up a fantastic range of diverse entertainment features to give passengers a great choice of how to spend their time when in port. The most notable of all is the scintillating scenery that grasps guests from the instant they look out of the windows on board. The backdrop to the city here is sublime and combined with the charming beach scenes, it really is a wonderful place to visit. 

Kristiansand is actually one of the most popular holiday spots for Norwegians themselves and it’s not difficult to see why. The fascinating historical attractions here are incredible and the city lights up with charm. The city was founded in 1641 and the captivating history of the area can be discovered in one of Norway’s largest open air museums at Vest Agder. From here many passengers opt to continue the historical journey through time by taking in the 17th century Christiansholm Fortress. 

Pearl Of The South

The city is aptly named the ‘Pearl of the South’, and visitors will be given a range of options for exploration by each cruise operator. One of the most pleasurable features of the city is the ease of accessibility. The port is very close by and most of the sightseeing attractions within the city are close by to one another. It is because of this reason, that walking tours are extremely popular with most cruise lines visiting here. The little marina is often the starting point for such tours and the boardwalks of superb restaurants, cafes and shops provide a great beginning to set the tone for the day. You’ll sample local delicacies at the fish market before being shown the exquisite beachfront setting of Otterdalsparken before heading north to the impeccably unique location of Posebyen, that’s dominated by unconventional housing designs and colours that create a wonderful atmosphere. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to take in the outstanding Kristiansand Cathedral which is actually the third largest in Norway and a mesmerising sight to behold.

Charming Locations On The Outskirts

Along with the city highlights, many cruise operators will also provide excursion opportunities to the smaller, quainter locations dotted around the city’s outskirts. Such areas include Tommersto and Lillesand, which are both fabulous for their intimate charms and addition of superb cafes, restaurants and original shopping opportunities. Tommersto is a maritime centre and set in lovely surroundings, as is Lillesand with its heaven of white painted houses. Just outside of the city there is also the opportunity to explore the 960-year-old Oddernes Church as well as the awe inspiring Kristiansand Cannon Museum, boasting the world’s second largest gun. Elsewhere train lovers can even take in the famous Setesdalsbanen Vintage Steam Railway experience. 

Kristiansand is a fantastic port of call and one not to be underestimated or missed. Alluring features continue to attract tourism here and the sensational surroundings are hard to beat aboard a Baltic cruise.

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