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The first sight of Oslo is achieved as the ships sail along the fantastic Nordfjord to arrive at the port itself.  This sight alone is truly spectacular as the city boasts a glistening backdrop of snow-capped mountains.  The evergreen hills make their way down towards sea level and the delightful arrival point sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Oslo is a wonderful port of call to visit aboard a Baltic sailing and has been the capital city of Norway since the 11th century.

Modern Metropolis

Oslo is a magnificently modern metropolis, combining innovative architectural design whilst still maintain its historical influences of ancient castles and the ever beautiful 18th century housing designs. The city is certainly contemporary but the most attractive features are without a doubt the surrounding areas. Parklands here are superb and the enchanting lake scenes leave an ever lasting impression. Spanning 175 miles, the city is actually one the largest of the capitals in Europe, however it is renowned for also being one of the least densely populated capital cities. The city is a special place yet often gets overlooked by more dominant cities aboard a Baltic sailing such as Copenhagen. Oslo, however, is just as grand, with many wonderful points of interest and a delightful cruising experience. It may well be large in sized but the area is captivatingly cosy and creates an ambience of tranquillity.

Akershus Castle, Vigeland Park And More

There are many must see attractions here and the Akershus Castle is definitely one of them. Dungeons combine with secret passage ways and crypts making it the perfect place for you to discover Oslo’s history, and Akershus Castle is often the starting point for many cruise operator excursions. Other sightseeing opportunities continue on at the City Hall, National Theatre and the amazing Royal Residence. Many passengers also opt to take in the renowned Viking House Museum to discover the famous longboat creations, while others prefer to enjoy the works of Edvard Munch at Munchmuseet museum.

Elsewhere you can enjoy intriguing artistic impressions at Vigeland Sculpture Park where you can enjoy Gustav Vigeland’s ‘wonder-world’. Here human figures created from iron and bronze portray a stance completely open to opinion and personal interpretation. Such creations were never explained or commented upon by the artist, leaving the entire opinion forming process up to the individual.  Such an area is incredibly alluring and definitely worth a visit.

Sample Celebrated Dishes

Guests wishing to enjoy local cuisine delicacies will love the area of Aker Brygge where some of the finest restaurants in Norway can be found.  Spectacular culinary creations include celebrated dishes such as fenalar and fiskesuppe.  The setting here is also sublime with an entrancing view to compliment the pleasurable dining experience. 

Full Scale Tours To A Scenic Oslofjord Cruise

Excursions in Oslo with most cruise operators provide a wonderful array of choice. Depending on how you wish to spend the day, there will be a range of options for passengers to enjoy. From a full-scale tour of the city taking in the many highlights to a scenic Oslofjord cruise, the choice is yours. City tours include a range of tempo’s and timeframes, from panoramic leisurely drives, to walking tours. Many of the tours are now often combined with a visit to the awe inspiring ‘Icebar Oslo’. The Torne River in Lapland has provided over 60 tonnes of ice to form a bar with complete wow factor. Everything is made of ice including bar, furniture and even the drinking glasses. Guests will be welcomed with warm clothing before making their way inside the -5 Celsius venue. Even the artwork here is formed through solid ice. 

Enjoy The Christmas Spirit

Whenever passengers visit the port of Oslo they can expect a fabulous cruising experience but this is often even greater during the Christmas festive period.  Christmas markets here are absolutely stunning and many cruise operators will visit the area for this.  Specially designed excursions allow guests to explore individually or take a guided insight into the impeccable markets as well as the enchanting areas of such towns as Drøbak for the ultimate Christmas spirit.

For a beautiful day of exploration, adventure and captivating scenery, Oslo is the perfect place aboard a fascinating Baltic cruise.

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