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Stockholm is arguably one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world and certainly a must see when travelling aboard a Baltic cruise. As the capital of Sweden and one of the busiest cruise ports in Scandinavia, Stockholm is situated in a wonderful position right were the Baltic greets Lake Malaren. The journey into the port of Stockholm is fantastic as cruise ships navigate through a myriad of 14 different islands that make up the city before arriving into the terminal. 

The Green Capital

The city of Stockholm features a superb combination of modern cosmopolitan areas and its enchanting old town; however, the most prominent attraction for many is the ever flowing parkland that meanders throughout the city centre. Did you know that over one third of the capital’s area is covered by parkland?

Gamla Stan

Sweden is an economically strong country and the city of Stockholm is no exception, with an incredibly rich historical influence to match. Steeped in a plethora of history this welcoming city offers the opportunity to explore exciting architecture both new and old. The vibrant heart of the city is the medieval quarter known as Gamla Stan. This is a hugely popular area with tourists and although it does get busy, it is a truly magnificent area to explore with narrow winding cobbled streets and buildings in so many different shades of gold that give Gamla Stan its unique character. Many passengers return saying they could have spent all day in this location and with the abundance of unique shopping opportunities, eccentric cafes, street entertainments and cobblestone walkways, it isn’t difficult to see why. The location is surrounded by medieval era walls and the experience is enhanced even more by the position of the palace of Kungliga Slottet. 

Another fascinating sightseeing opportunity in Gamla Stan is the Gothic cathedral of Storkyrkan, renowned for being a spooky place but this actually has been the location of all Royal Family coronations, baptisms and weddings. Also not to be missed is Stortorget a grand plaza that is famed for the “Bloodbath of 1520” causing the movement and revolt that consequentially founded the sovereign state of Sweden. 

Palaces to Museums

For an exquisite sightseeing opportunity, take in the beautiful Tessin Palace to see the elaborate 17th century architecture and be sure to visit the oldest museum in Sweden, the Livrustkammaren. An iconic museum, this landmark is home to an incredible five centuries worth of fascinating history. Clothing and weaponry are two of the main features here but the most intriguing of exhibitions is without a doubt Streiff, showcasing the stuffed stallion of King Gusta II that had the role of carrying him into battle. Museums here are spectacular and along with the world renowned Livrustkammaren there is also the beautiful Vasa Museum and the National Museum with amazing exhibits to explore. 

Be Vikings For A Day

Along with the iconic buildings named above, the National Antiquities Museum is also a great place to visit for those looking to find out more about the Viking era. The Gold Room in particular here is fantastic and overall there is 4,000 objects on display

Explore The City

During your time in Stockholm, you can opt to do a guided tour or explore the city on your own. One of the best ways to see the city is from the waterways so often guests here decide to opt for a boat tour to take in the views of the city highlights and the glistening waters make the experience even more exciting. The waterway tour options also often include a leisurely intake of the archipelago, especially the exquisite Vaxholm. For amazing city views passengers can also choose to do a rooftop walking tour or even enjoy the enthralling experience of the city’s famous SkyView for spectacular elevated views over Stockholm, especially the Ericsson Globe Arena.

Absolut Icebar

For something completely different there is the opportunity to experience an ice bar here.  The Absolut Icebar is constantly maintained at -5 degrees C all year round and guests will be wrapped up in complimentary fur clothing before making their way in.  Everything here is made up of ice, from the glasses to the walls and even the art works, it’s an incredibly unique experience and definitely worth a visit.

The extravagant port of Stockholm is one of the finest destinations in Scandinavia and be sure to plan your day accordingly to make the most of it.  The dazzling architecture here lights up the city no matter what time of year you choose to visit and from the moment passengers arrive they realise just how special this city is.

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