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The modern day port of Tallinn presents an enthralling experience of Scandinavian sleek style combined with Soviet era architecture. The capital of Estonia boasts a welcoming sight as passengers arrive to discover the fascinating array of medieval attractions. The city is based on a combination of legacies, that form together to create the present day Tallinn, with such influences from the Polish, Russian and Teutonic rule over the years. 

Go Back In Time In Old Town

Tallinn has grown into a fantastic tourist thriving port of call and upon arrival the majority of cruise operators will provide a shuttle service to the main attraction that is the Old Town. It is this enchanting location that has passengers feeling as though they have taken a step back in time to the epitome of medieval character. Stroll the cobbled streets of the immaculate walkways twirling through the many shopping boutiques before soaking up the incredible architectural sights. The old city wall portrays a dominant sight and the striking towers force reminiscence of the 1400’s.

Medieval Aristocracy

The large and richly decorated Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral, that is easily recognisable by its ‘onion’ style domes, certainly creates a captivating wow factor. Compromising of 11 bells and an interior that is decorated with mosaics and icons, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral is well worth a visit during your stay in Tallinn. Elsewhere the Baroque Toompea Castle is eye catching for its late baroque façade, and welcomes guests to a sublime sight at the home of the Estonian Parliament. A cruise to Tallinn also provides guests with the opportunity to explore the Raekoda, a 13th century structure and Europe’s oldest town hall.

The Town Hall Square

The Town Hall Square is also a great point for a meeting place and often a location used by cruise operators during excursions. The position is filled with exciting local cafes as well as many boutique stores. The preservation of the area here is absolutely astonishing to the point where you would be forgiven for getting lost in time. The exhilarating Old Town is famous for the exquisite shopping opportunities including renowned goods such as jewellery, lacework and clothing. The elegant flower market at the end of the old town is also a superb place to take a stroll and soak up the atmosphere, as well as capture a wonderful photograph.

100 Coats Of Arms

A huge tourist attraction here, especially with cruise passengers in modern times is the beautiful sight of St Mary’s Cathedral. This iconic structure displays over 100 coats of arms and is a must see, particularly for passengers visiting the area for the first time. From here take a walk to Catherine’s Passage to enjoy artisans at work, developing the creation of flawless leatherwork and masterful ceramic designs. Not only can you wander the pleasant sights of craftsman here but guests also have the chance to sit back and enjoy the ambience at one of the many pavement cafes. The entertainment continues in the form of alluring performances from string quartets making their way by or even a brass band should you time it right.

Excursions here will cover all of the major attractions at whatever pace you wish. Take the city walking tour for a greater insight or simply take in the marvels via a panoramic coach trip. Free time is provided in all key areas and many cruise lines are now even increasing their options here to include the Open Air Museum for another excellent point of interest.

Tallinn welcomes passengers to a world of medieval storybook fantasy. The setting here is stunning and the city boasts the perfect atmosphere to compliment. Whenever you wish to visit aboard a cruise you will be welcomed with open arms to a fabulous port of call aboard a Baltic sailing.

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