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Located in South-eastern Europe, the Black Sea is bordered by Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. There are various theories as to how the Black Sea got its name; one common assumption goes back to the days when the ancient Greeks called it the ‘Inhospitable Sea’ as it was once difficult to navigate and many fierce tribes lived along its shore lines. Others believe the name is simply reference to the visibility levels in the water, which are much lower than in neighbouring seas. However the Black Sea got its name, one thing that we do know for sure is that is has now become a popular tourist destination and offers many opportunities to explore areas of mystery.

Intriguing Mix of Culture

The countries located in this region combine rich cultural history, heritage and expressive architecture. An exciting destination for cruisers to discover is the popular city of Istanbul with its intriguing mix of modern and ancient architecture, not forgetting the intriguing point of which East meets West.

In Romania, Constanta offers an entrance to the historical city of Bucharest, while those stopping off in Bulgaria can relax on some of Eastern Europe's most stunning beaches.

 The Black Sea is the ideal cruise destination for those wishing to see a variety of countries, landscapes and famous landmarks all in one trip.

Soak Up The Colourful History

Most Black Sea cruises are during the height of the summer months between June and August as they are the warmest, and coincidentally the busiest. If you’d like to avoid the peak tourist season and don’t mind cooler temperatures (though still pleasant) consider cruising during the spring and autumn. A cruise to this fascinating land promises unforgettable experiences, leaving you with a deeper understanding of the culture and the charming people that you’ll meet. You can marvel at the ancient treasures, stand in wonderment before the stunning palaces and admire the inspiring architectural works of art. Soak up the colourful history and be greeted by lively folklore performances when you venture ashore; a Black Sea cruise is a truly wonderful experience.

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