The province of Galicia is home to Vigo and this area is the busiest fishing port in the whole of Spain. Perhaps the most incredible feature of this port of call is the amazing history it holds. Vigo has encountered many naval attacks over the years and the residents are renowned for maintaining their strength and unity. Although many areas of the port of call have been damaged over the years, in modern times, the location is now far more peaceful and presents a wonderful place to visit, especially aboard a cruise. The port of Vigo has earned itself the nickname of "The Green Spain" due to the sheer dominance of countryside scenery. Many Spaniards head here to enjoy the relaxing nature of the location and to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The climate here remains beautiful yet is often slightly cooler than areas further east. The port lies just north of Portugal on the north-west of Spain and the gentle flowing breeze from the coastline makes for a delightful days adventure. Vigo regularly features on both Mediterranean and Canary Islands cruise itineraries.

Step Back In Time

This is a taste of real Spain and the traditional feel here is excitingly charming. The wondrous characteristics of Vigo provide the chance to take a step back in time and enjoy the fascinating Spanish flavours. The waterfront is a beautiful entrance to the city itself. A delectably elegant setting leads to the famous Castillo Del Castro. An amazing fort, this structure was built to defend the area and overlooks the harbour. This is a brilliant feature to explore and also provides a wonderful vantage point to capture a photograph of the ship nestled into the port beneath you. The daily fish market here is also an iconic feature and the short journey from the cruise port through the winding cobbled streets provides the perfect entrance through the Barrio del Berbes old town. 

Old Town Attractions

The advice we would provide to passengers visiting Vigo for the first time would be to enjoy the old town attractions. This destination has been proclaimed a Spanish National Monument and therefore certainly commands respect. The Cathedral of Santa Maria lies here and provides a fantastic atmosphere of sheer beauty. 

Galician Extravagance

The excursion opportunities for Vigo revolve primarily around the cultural heritage as well as the Galician extravagance.  Wine tasting is a popular choice for the chance to sample Albariño wines.  Enjoy sublime tapas whilst taking in a panoramic leisurely tour of the area by coach or perhaps opt for a trek off the beaten track to the famous Monte Aloya Natural Park. A visit to Santiago de Compostela is often a best-selling option with many cruise operators for the chance to independently explore. Here exciting sights such as the Romanesque Collegiate Church of Santa Maria del Sar and the Gelmirez Palace help create one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

A trip to the Portuguese border is often popular especially with the chance to soak up the Galician countryside scenery or alternatively take in the cultural gem that is Pontevedra.

The decision is yours for how you wish to spend your time at this fabulous port of call. A wondrous destination and not to be missed for a day of soaking up the blissful sunshine whilst making your way around the many enthralling sights.

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