With talcum white-sand beaches and warm Caribbean waters, Aruba welcomes passengers to the beautiful waterfront city of Oranjestad. The fascinating features this stunning destination has to offer are endless, but make sure to soak up the superb desert backdrop as you stroll past world-class shops and sublime restaurants that are brimming with exotic flavours and friendly locals, while keeping an eye out for glamorous casinos.

Jewel Of The Deep

The island of Aruba is also known as the jewel of the ‘deep’ Caribbean and just 30 seconds here is enough to realise why. This enchanting port of call boasts a fabulous wow factor. The glistening waters welcome passengers to the shores of Aruba and as if that wasn’t enough, the cultural mix here presents a wealth of history, attraction and divine cuisine.


Oranjestad is a waterfront city exuding a delectable cosmopolitan feel. A mixture of populations are currently present here including African, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Venezuelan and of course, the origin; Dutch.  It is because of this delightful cultural mix that the island is so popular for shopping. Pick up exquisite Danish silverware and Madeiran embroidery or even sample the exquisite tastes of Dutch cheese. This fantastic port of call is perfect for food lovers and the range of restaurants that line the waterfront provide a wonderful experience of culinary master pieces combined with sensational sea views; perfect for capturing a photograph of your beloved cruise ship.

Beach Scenes

One of the brilliant features of this magnificent port of call is that there is so much to see and do yet passengers do not have to stray far in order to do so. Guests will find the majority of attractions all within walking distance from Oranjestad, making this destination perfect for a day of adventurous exploration.  The island is famous for its vibrant colour and breath taking beauty, and for a real sense of this, be sure to visit the captivating location of Schooner Harbour. Here guests will witness the brightly painted boats along with outdoor markets displaying all things from tropical fruits to delightful craft stores that showcase the local talents. Elsewhere spectacular beach scenes include Eagle Beach, Palm Beach and Baby Beach to name just a few, all a short distance from the port and easily accessible.

Island Highlights

Excursions here revolve around the beautiful landscape scenery along with the underwater pleasure of the astonishing marine life.  Often the best-selling tour, as with most destinations is the chance to take in an overall insight of the island.  Take in the wonderful sights of California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel and Baby Natural Bridge. Baby Natural Bridge sits right alongside the former home of the once Natural Bridge, which was Aruba’s most famous attraction until its collapse in 2005. Such a tour of this usually provides passengers with the chance to take in the fascinating diorite and granite boulders of the Casibari Rock formation to finish off an enthralling day.

SeaTrek And Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Away from the historical sights there is also a fabulous range of opportunities to see the underwater attractions of the island.  Experience the fun of SeaTrek by heading 20 feet underwater whilst keeping your head and neck completely dry in specially designed diving helmets. You’ll walk along the seabed, witnessing colourful marine inhabitants and wrecks whilst breathing normally 20ft underwater. Snorkelling in Aruba is just as fantastic and whether you wish to do so from land or by taking a boat trip further out to sea, the choice is yours. If this all sounds great but you would prefer to remain nice and dry, you can take in the sights on the Atlantis VI Submarine that is just off the south east coast of Aruba. This amazing experience unearths a myriad of fascinating sea creatures as your guide talks you through the many underwater sights to behold. 

The exquisite island of Aruba is the epitome of Caribbean beauty, the perfect place to unwind, relax and recharge on your next cruise.

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