As one of the ABC isles, Bonaire is quiet and laid back without flashy Las Vegas-style casinos or a pretty pastel coloured capital like that of Aruba and Curacao. Bonaire is the least developed island of the three, but the island is blessed with unsurpassed beauty, pristine waters where an underwater paradise awaits. You’ll find that Bonaire has a peaceful daily life, without hustle and bustle, where warm and friendly locals will more than likely greet you with ‘Bon Bini’, which translates to welcome. Bonaire’s extraordinary environment is alluring from the moment you arrive and cruise passengers visiting here will not be left disappointed, especially for the chance to get the camera out and capture some truly wonderful images to take away.

Pink Beach

Home to over 22 beaches, the beach settings in Bonaire are superb as with many of the Caribbean islands. Forget about golden beaches, Bonaire is home to Pink Beach, where as the name aptly suggests the beach is pink. The strip of sand is relatively narrow but the views are idyllic as is the pink sand which gets its colour from millions of crushed shells of microscopic sea creatures. Relax on a sun longer and soak up the magical climate of the Caribbean or opt to enjoy the many snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities Bonaire has to offer. 

Divers Paradise

Alongside the relaxing tendencies of the island, guests will love the Marine Park here which is located to the west coast of the island. The protected reefs of the Marine Park have a large variety of mesmerising fish in every colour, where guests can discover the sheer beauty of the underwater life in Bonaire.

Flourishing Flamingos

With their deep coral feathers and shy demeanour, Flamingos flourish on the island of Bonaire in sanctuaries set up the local residents. Though not open to tourists, Pekelmeet Flamingo Sanctuary is home to over ten thousand flamingos that can be spotted through binoculars on the road near pink beach. From here many guests then go on to take a tour to the talcum white Salt Flats that Bonaire is famous for.

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