Catalina Island

Just off the coast of California and home to shallow waters and a dazzling array of brightly coloured sea life, Catalina Islands feels like a world away. With fifty miles of shoreline, secluded coves and dramatic views it’s not hard to see why this island is known as the ‘Island of Romance’. This extraordinary destination is the perfect place to unwind and laze the day away at one of the many superb beach settings. The laid-back atmosphere is all about relaxation and taking the time to get away from it all, making it ideal for the ultimate holiday lifestyle. 

Catalina’s port is too small for cruise ships, meaning cruise ships will anchor outside the harbour in Avalon where passengers will be tendered to port. The boat trip to the island gives cruise passengers the chance to capture a great photo of the ship in the delightful backdrop of the Caribbean whilst settling into the sumptuous surroundings. If the timing is right, also keep your eyes peeled during your journey to the island as Grey whales pass on their annual migration and dolphins are also a frequent sight.

Sensational Diving and Snorkelling

For guests interested in snorkelling and scuba diving, Catalina Island is one of the finest locations on earth to put your snorkel mask on and explore the underwater world. Just offshore the island is renowned for its extremely shallow waters therefore ideal for people of all levels of confidence to experience the amazing sea life. The stunning array of fish to be seen here is absolutely breath taking and the dazzling underwater scenery is spectacular in every way. Guests will witness a full spectrum of garden fish along with the magical sight of purple sea fans gliding through the warm Caribbean waters. As you head slightly further out, the sea life gets even better as the island is famous for being a great place to see larger fish. Guests who want to explore the dazzling array of sea life without getting wet, can hop on a glass-bottomed boat witness the underwater world from the glass window at their feet.

Winding Coastal Roads

Hike the trails, take a scenic drive through Avalon and along the winding coastal roads and enjoy the breath taking vistas of Avalon Harbour and beyond and spy the art deco Catalina Casino that is perched on the harbours edge.

Cruise lines visiting here provide an exciting range of excursion opportunities that will vary for each voyage. Catalina Island is a highly popular port of call but due to the smaller size of the cruise terminal here, a call at this port of call is often to yourself, making for a wonderfully peaceful day. 

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