Curacao is the third island is the ABC Dutch Antilles and also the largest.  It is home to many diverse nationalities from all over the world providing the area with a wonderfully rich cultural charm.  The capital here is known as Willemstad and is also the cruise port were guests will arrive.  The city is renowned for its beautiful architectural features in the form of 17th and 18th Dutch and Spanish colonialism.  The city is split into two separate sides divided by the Santa Anna Bay.  The Queen Emma pontoon bridge can be found here famous for its swing around feature. 

Despite being divided, both sides of the city offer exciting sightseeing opportunities for arriving cruise guests.  One the one side you have sites such as the Fort Amsterdam and Breederstraat which is known for being the main entrance point for the lovers of retail therapy to reach the main shopping district of Willemstad.  Here shopping enthusiasts will find a fascinating array of goods from pottery and silk to coral jewellery and much more.  Here is also the location of many superb restaurants on the island so for a spot of lunch look no further than this area to enjoy a delightful meal.  One of the goods many passengers choose to purchase here is the sapphire blue liqueur of which Curacao gave its name to. 

The Floating Market is often a brilliant place to visit for passengers looking to see something different and unique.  Here you will discover a market flanked by boats from South American countries such as Colombia and Venezuela as well as nearby Caribbean Islands.  These boats are selling thrilling local produce as well as hand crafted pieces that often make the perfect souvenir. 

If this all sounds a bit much then fear not as the beaches here are also utterly gorgeous.  Be prepared to relax in style and enjoy the scintillating Caribbean sunshine throughout the day.

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