Known for its lush terrain, rainforest hikes, cascading waterfalls and flora and fauna in every colour imaginable, it’s not hard to see why the Dominica has come to be known as ‘The Nature Island’. Ruggedly beautiful, the lush rainforest backdrop is simply breath-taking and will leave you wanting more. Sample fruit right off the trees, witness awe inspiring natural beauty from gorges, forests, crater lakes to enchanting waterfalls. It’s not just the on land features that take the plaudits however, the sensational offshore attractions of coral reefs and amazing marine life provides the perfect place for snorkelling and scuba diving adventures. 

An Insight Into The Carib Indian Culture

Excursions here revolve predominantly around the exquisite scenery of the forests or the captivating underwater attractions; however, there is a cultural wonder to Dominica that many passengers wish to explore. Here there is a chance to see the last surviving community of the Carib Indians. It is this community that was the original inhabitants of the Caribbean and one of the magnificent opportunities here is to witness the community following their age old traditions including fishing, carving and incredible basket making. 

Take A River Tube Ride

The island provides a brilliant range of excursion options whether you’re looking for a relaxing day in the sunshine or a thrilling day of adventure - there really is something for everyone in Dominica. Adrenaline seeking cruisers will love the opportunities to experience the heart racing tours out in lush forests including a Middleham Falls hike, river tubing down Dominica’s Pagua or Layou River, as well as the chance to jump aboard a scintillating RIB power boat. Aboard the RIB adventure guests will take in the extravagant sights of Champagne Bay as well as Scotts Head, the picturesque location that separates the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Dominica’s Favourites

To discover the islands natural beauty, many cruise lines provide several tour options around the many areas of interest. Morne Bruce takes guests up to the heights of 300 feet to gaze down over the beautiful scenery below, a perfect opportunity for a once in a lifetime photograph. Take in the entrancing sight of Trafalgar Falls from a private platform and even head for the National Park and in particular, the sights of the wonderful Emerald Pool where you can stand behind the 40-foot flow and cool off. 

For a relaxing day in the sunshine, cruise lines often use the transfer through Layou Valley to Mero Beach to provide passengers with a magnificent day of utter blissful tranquillity.  This stunning beach setting is the perfect spot to soak up the spectacular rays. 

Search For Dolphins and Whales

A sightseeing spectacular is available here on the island as Dominica lies right on the whale’s Caribbean migration path making it the perfect spot to enjoy a boat trip to watch whales these incredible creatures. Sperm, Pilot and False Killer Whales are the most common sights along this path and the boat journey will take passengers out approximately three miles off shore to begin with before heading further if needs be.  Along with the whales, dolphins also make an appearance, with the most common dolphin sights including Spotted, Spinner and Pantropical Dolphins. Fruit juices, local rum and many other delicacies will be served on board as your captain for the day manoeuvres the boat to give you the best views of the fascinating sea life.

Dominica is a fabulous Caribbean port and a brilliant place to enjoy an exhilarating day in the sunshine.  Whatever you choose to do with your time, you are sure to fall in love with this sublime port of call. 

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