Grand Cayman

The laid-back and affluent Grand Cayman is a wonderful port of call to visit aboard a Caribbean cruise. This sensational Caribbean island provides a rich taste of history and combines it with a truly spectacular backdrop for the ultimate picturesque destination. Cruise ships operate a tender service here to transport passengers directly into the capital of George Town. From this point passengers have the option of heading off an a pre booked shore excursion or exploring the island individually, with ease on foot due to the close proximity of the main attractions.

Fort George

Many passengers head for the colonial fortification of Fort George to gain an insight into the history of the island. Built in 1790 to protect the island from the Spanish and pirates, little of the original structure still remains today; however, the area still presents an intriguing location for those who visit the island.

Life Under The Sea

One thing is for certain here, you will never be short of things to do. Scuba diving opportunities are outstanding and the array of marine life to discover is breath taking. Submarine tours are often a huge hit with visitors to see first-hand the underwater coral formations renowned throughout the world as well as the mountainous regions and the spectacular Dayglo coloured fish. The Atlantis Submarine experience is provided by the majority of cruise operators, where the experienced Atlantis crew members will ensure the best sights are pointed out for a great photo opportunity. Continuing with the marine life theme, passengers wishing to head further afield may wish to experience the extravagant Stingray City. You’ll take a short drive from George Town before arriving at your motor boat launch location and heading out to sea. Approximately thirty minutes later, after breezing past the Seven Mile Beach, guests will arrive at this iconic destination and will have plenty of free time to witness the rays in their native habitat. The waters of the sandbar range from three to six feet and upon completion of a safety briefing, local experts will accompany passengers into the water to witness the magic of these incredible creatures. 

Turtle Farm

An overall sightseeing escapade around Grand Cayman will inevitably include the sublime location of the Turtle Farm. This enchanting place is set within Boatswains Beach Park and is a conservation program to protect and nurture these amazing creatures. An exhibition of Green Sea, Loggerhead and Hawksbill Turtles provides a great day in the sun; why not even combine it with a taste of the finest rum around? Maybe even a slice of superb rum cake.

A Taste Of Grand Cayman

Get a true taste of Grand Cayman at the Cayman Island Brewery, and learn how the only beer on the island is brewed from start to finish. Elsewhere at Rum Cake Centre you can sample world-famous rum cake before heading to Seven Fathoms Rum to see the unique brewing process of Grand Cayman’s first and only rum distillery.

Seven Mile Beach & Hell

Take a stroll across the Seven Mile Beach that is the Grand Cayman’s most popular and well-known beach thanks to its crystal clear waters and coral sands, regularly topping the list for the world’s best beaches. On the north coast of Grand Cayman is the truly breath taking location of “Hell”. This popular area of astonishment is a formation of black jagged edge rocks, which originally inspired the name of “Hell”. It is the idyllic place to pick up a unique postcard and send it from the “Hell” post office or capture a truly once in a lifetime photograph.

The fascinating port of Grand Cayman presents an enthralling experience and a truly captivating port of the Caribbean

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