Renowned for boasting one of the Caribbean’s prettiest harbour scenes, the port of Grenada is a truly beautiful destination to visit. The capital and cruise port is St George’s, and this horse shoe shaped port is set in a volcanic crater, that’s set at the forefront of a French colonial backdrop. Alongside beautiful French colonial buildings, Grenada boasts silky stretches of white-sand, sunken treasures that are now adorned by colourful coral reefs, coupled with untouched beauty and warm friendly locals that makes so many fall in love with Grenada. 

Grand Anse Beach

The island itself is in fact quite small, but despite its relatively small size, Grenada still portrays a fabulous combination of waterfalls, lakes, rainforests and mountainous valleys. Not only is the island perfect for exploration but the beach scenes here are truly sensational. Grand Anse in particular, is a wonderful location to lay back and watch the world go by, and this two-mile stretch of sand with views over the capital, is situated just around the corner of the bay from St George's, making it the ideal choice for cruise passengers arriving for the day.

The ‘Spice Island’

Away from the superb scenery, the island is also famous for its enchanting aromas. Often referred to as the ‘Spice Island’, Grenada grows more spices per square mile than any other location around the world and it’s this fact that makes the island even more appealing. The signature seasoning is nutmeg and before passengers even arrive into port they will be met by the sumptuous aromas of this delightful spice. One piece of advice we would definitely pass on when looking to purchase spices from local spice vendors, is be sure to haggle, it’s definitely worth it to pick up a bargain and is all part of the fun of this brilliant Caribbean port of call.

Coral Reefs To Underwater Sculpture Parks

Excursions in Grenada provide a great choice of water sports, exploration and cultural adventure. For sightseeing, one of the most beautiful options is to enjoy a catamaran through the waters of Grand Anse and along the superb coastline. This option is usually a daytime tour but several cruise lines will provide an evening tour, not only great for sightseeing but perfect for a unique vantage point to watch a beautiful sunset. Dive into the warm Caribbean waters and see everything from colourful reefs, shipwrecks to an underwater sculpture park that is full of unique pieces. Alternatively, stay dry on land and meander the delightful French colonial style architecture, discover the intrigue of the volcanic craters, enjoy a rainforest adventure or simply take a trip to the beach and soak up the sublime sunshine.  Grenada is a truly wonderful port of call for a fabulous cruising destination.

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