Spectacular beaches and sensational scenery, the Bahamian capital presents a truly wonderful port of call.  This classic Caribbean destination combines exquisite cafes, bars and unique shopping opportunities to create a blissful experience.  Not only does the island boast outstanding entertainment attractions but Nassau is exquisitely beautiful in every way; a complete paradise haven.  There is even a location here known as Paradise Island and this is the perfect place to let your hair down.  Take in exuberant casinos, hotels and attractions.  For something more serene take a boat trip across the way to the superb Nassau Harbour and revel in the local charms or alternatively head for the Blue Lagoon to experience swimming with dolphins. 

The British heritage here is evident right from the moment cruise passengers arrive.  Colonial architecture lines the streets and for a step back in time, another attraction is the Pirates of Nassau museum featuring an interactive replica pirate ship bringing the past to life through thrilling excitement.

Prince George Wharf, near Rawson Square is the cruise port here and where the journey begins for most passengers arriving here.  The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is ideally situated close by and makes for the ideal place to pick up advice and maps for heading ashore independently.  The first impressions revolve around the vibrant centre; however the main interest here without a doubt is the delectable beach scenes.  Breath taking hotels and resort complexes line the beachfront presenting a fascinating array of beach adventures.  The Wyndham Nassau Resort is one of the hotels often used by cruise lines to take advantage of access to the resort along with a buffet style lunch and refreshments.  This excursion opportunity is not always available with every cruise operator calling here but be sure to check as this delightful experience provides a great chance to enjoy an ultimately relaxing day.

Excursion opportunities primarily do revolve around enjoying the serene surroundings here and one in particular is the spectacular Blue Lagoon Island getaway for a thorough recharge and a chance to admire the islands natural beauty.  Many passengers may wish to explore the historical elements of the island and if this is the case, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.  The wonderfully preserved architecture here is superb encapsulating the Bahamian history.

Nassau is a fabulous destination aboard a Caribbean cruise but its location is also a great positive.  Being just off the coast of Southern Florida, Nassau is ideally situated for short cruise durations and the perfect cruise break to combine with an extended stay pre or post cruise stay.  Passengers have the option of looking into this type of cruise or calling at Nassau aboard a longer cruise duration. No matter the choice, this scintillating port of call is a magnificent place to visit.

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