St Kitts

When you are sitting at home dreaming of the perfect, classic Caribbean island scene, there’s a good chance it would look a lot like St Kitts. This stunningly beautiful destination welcomes cruise passengers with open arms to witness its magical charm and charisma. The island is bursting with the most incredible beach scenes, perfect for lazing the day away and simply enjoying the splendour of the caribean sunsine. 

The Island Of A Thousand Treasures

It was in 1493 that this island was discovered by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. He loved this wonderful volcanic island so much that he even designed to name it after himself. It was only shortened to St Kitts by British sailors later on in the islands history. Such is the magnificence of this island it has been fought over by many cultures over time including the British, French and Spanish. The island even boasts a famous pirate history with the notorious William Kidd enjoying time here. 

Sleepy Villages To Lush Rainforests

You will love the spectacular scenery here in St Kitts, with a range of thrilling sightseeing opportunities. You’ll find sleepy villages combined with deserted beaches before witnessing vibrant local venues amongst a backdrop of lush rainforest greenery not forgetting the mini mountain range here where the dormant volcano can be found. Despite these superb features of landscape beauty, one of the first features of the island you will come across upon arrival is the brand new port area. Only recently developed, the docking area for cruise ships has been transformed to present a state of the art cruise terminal and marina complex. Here you’ll find a great mix of bars and restaurants to sample some of the local cuisine along with a brilliant range of shops and gardens.  Once you have meandered this area you will head out into the island and specifically the capital, Basseterre. This marvellous location is famed for its restored Georgian buildings and eccentric character. 

British Influences

Although the Kittitians are extremely proud of their history and especially how far the island has come on its own, you will find plenty of British features here none more recognised than driving on the left hand side of the road. Cricket is also a very popular sporting attraction here and has been for some time. The island has been independent since 1983 and covers just 65 square miles of land. In this 65 square miles, however, you will find some of the most sensational sights imaginable including its own UNESCO World Heritage Site; Brimstone Hill Fortress. This amazing site will undoubtedly be the highlight of many excursions here as you take in the view. The site is situated atop 38 acres of limestone and sulphur composites so you can just imagine the breath taking view over St Kitts mountain range from here. This vantage point allows for awe inspiring photographical opportunities over the sugar cane fields and Caribbean Sea. 

One Main Road Into Basseterre

Basseterre only has one main road so your chances of getting lost are highly unlikely, whether you travel ashore independently or via a cruise excursion.  Along the road you will see Mount Liamuiga and also take in the site known as Bloody Point. This site became engraved in the history of the island when over 2,000 Carib Indians suffered a horrendous massacre here in 1626. Further along there is also the opportunity on this road to see the wonderfully built Roman Catholic Cathedral along with St George’s Anglican Church. St George’s Church is particularly renowned for its huge bell tower and fascinating steeple. 

To gain a greater idea of the heritage here, one great opportunity is the chance to see the ruins of the old Wingfield Sugar Estate. Sugar cane was the staple of St Kitts economy from the 17th century onwards and remained as the island’s main export up until production was decommissioned in the early 20th century.   

Take In the Best Of St Kitts

Excursion experiences here are excellent with so much to choose from. All cruise lines visiting here will offer the chance to take in the best of St Kitts but there are also other opportunities for something a little different. Take a tour to Fairview Great House for afternoon tea and sample the Caribbean cuisine along the way or perhaps opt for a Jeep safari and witness the enchanting scenery of St Kitts via 4X4. There’s a rainforest discovery option with many cruise operators here and also the spectacular chance to whizz through the trees and lush vegetation on a zip wire adventure. Yes, one of the islands most modern and exciting experiences is a zip wire that allows you to fly with both hands and feet free to just simply enjoy the outstanding views below. 

Other exciting excursion opportunities include nature kayaking, catamaran cruises to the nearby island of Nevis or even just a transfer to and from one the of the best beach settings on the island; St Kitts has something for everyone and never fails to impress. 

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