St Lucia

The captivating sight of St Lucia is enough to want to spend a lifetime at this fantastic destination. The port of St Lucia is truly beautiful and boasts a magnificent ambience of utter blissful relaxation. The island is a huge hit with cruise passengers and just one look at the luscious backdrop, and skyline dominated by the twin peaks of Les Pitons is all you’ll need to understand why.

St Lucia is the ultimate in Caribbean delights, this sumptuous port of call continues to wow each and every guest that arrives and the fascinating history it possesses enhances the experience even further. The British and French fought over the island for years, trying to lay claim to the luscious surroundings. Not only does St Lucia boast superb beach settings but the volcanic backdrop creates stunning scenery. The botanical gardens here flourish with colour and the intimately charming fishing villages give a real insight into local life. The wildlife is enchanting with parrots nestling in the trees and the marine life provides a sensational snorkelling adventure.

Beach Days 

There is plenty to see here so be sure to plan your day accordingly. The excursion options range from the exciting to the relaxing depending on how you wish to spend your time. Beach days revolve around the entrancing Reduit Beach set in the delightful Rodney Bay area to the north of the island. This fantastic location is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the glistening sunshine. Snorkelling here is magnificent but if you feel like going one step further then opt for a scuba adventure available either here or at the beautiful Pigeon Island, where you may get the chance to witness the magical sights of Parrot Fish, Spiny Lobster and Octopus. If this is your first time diving there’s no need to worry, as the beginner’s classes are fantastic, as are the classes for more advanced divers. Not only do guests have the chance to scuba dive, there is also the chance to take in the truly spectacular Sea Trek experience at Pigeon Island. This majestic concept provides the opportunity to walk along the sea bed whilst keeping your head completely dry as you don a specially designed helmet that allows you breathe under the sea. Take in the amazing underwater scenery and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Soufriére Hills Volcano

If you’re visiting the island for the first time then a must see highlight is the dramatic Soufriére volcano.  Here you will witness the awe inspiring beauty of the entire island as you look down over the luscious rainforest scenery. This is also the perfect location to capture a unique photograph of the ship.  Gain a great insight into the islands 300,000 year volcanic history along with the amazing bubbling mud pools of the wondrous Sulphur Springs. 

Stay On Land or Try Something New

Dolphin watching here is also a fabulous excursion opportunity. Passengers will set off aboard a speed boat with local know how of where to find the best viewing spots. Witness Dolphins and even Whales or alternatively if you prefer to stay on land, try something truly adrenaline pumping like the 4X4 experience or even a biking adventure around the island. At the Rainforest Adventure Park guests can try a zip-lining adventure or even a Tarzan swing experience for a brilliant day of action packed fun. 

The local cuisine here is delicious so be sure to eat at a least one of the impeccable restaurants and bars that line the avenues and waterfronts. During your time on the island of St Lucia, there’s even the chance for you to visit the islands famous rum distillery’s and explore the local shops of Castries where you can buy everything from bread and wine to ketchup made from bananas.

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