Welcome to Mexico’s ultimate beach resort.  The port of Acapulco presents a sun worshippers paradise with sensational entertainment and a setting to match.  The stunning views along the beaches portray utter beauty and a visit to the Pacific Coast Mexican Riviera has never been so beautiful.  Five star hotels line the beachfront combined with eccentric water sports and an abundance of bars, cafés and restaurants to choose from.

Acapulco presents a fabulous array of choice to suit all interests.  Whether you’re looking for a day to relax in the sunshine or an enthralling venture insight into the destinations highlights there is plenty to see and do here.  The centre of attention here is without question the ocean, the views are sublime and the quaint blissful backdrop is truly awe inspiring however, there is much more to this superb port of call.  Acapulco is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife and lively bars.  During the day the captivating restaurant choices provide the chance to indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine or perhaps enjoy a little retail therapy at the many chic boutiques flanking the enchanting streets.

Passengers looking for adrenaline pumping activities will love the choice of water sports here.  Often renowned for being a surfer’s paradise, this venue is perfect to learn or alternatively enjoy spectacular snorkelling and scuba diving sessions.  There’s even the opportunity, should guests wish to head out into the ocean and enjoy deep-sea fishing.  One of the area’s notorious features has to be the cliff diving setting of La Quebrada.  To see such a sight is absolutely amazing as locals plunge 130 feet into the ocean from the cliffs above.  The waters below are often incredibly powerful and therefore the jumpers timing has to be impeccable to read the incoming waves.  The sheer grace, timing and above all bravery here is breath taking as the divers take to their very own stage every lunchtime and evening; perfect for a unique photograph.

The Fort of San Diego provides the backdrop for cruise ship arrival.  The main cruise terminal here is set in Old Acapulco and provides a charming setting to welcome passengers.  The magnificent harbour setting allows passengers to disembark straight into the action.  The Old Town is immediately to the west whilst a beautiful beach scene lies just steps to the east; a big attraction for guests looking to just take a stroll and relax.

Acapulco has been renowned for many years for attracting famous celebrities and with the entrancing scenery it is not hard to see why.  Frank Sinatra and John Wayne were just two of the famous stars to continuously visit the area over the years.  This destination boasts three distinctively different districts known as Old Acapulco, the Costera and Acapulco Diamante.  Old Acapulco portrays an easy going, laid back area of utter relaxation whilst encompassing a feel of traditional Mexico, the heart and soul of the area is the famous plaza for chic shopping.  The Costera is all about energy with superb hotels, fine dining and impeccable beach scenes.  The picturesque boulevard here along the sea front is certainly a place worth visiting for a romantic stroll.  The Diamante is an area of ultra-style.  This is the high end enclave of Acapulco and provides the lavish core of this illustrious port of call.  Celebrity homes here include Robert Redford and Oprah Winfrey set in the tremendous hillside and this is also the home of the many grand resorts such as the Fairmont Pierre Marques.  For beaches, this is a special place; in particular the glorious Playa Revolcadero glistens in the sunlight.

Excursions here are fantastic and depend on individual preference as to how active you wish to be.  Cultural extravagance can be witnessed with trips to the first excavated site of the Yope civilisation at the Tehuacalco Ruins or alternatively gain insight into colonial Acapulco.  This trip whisks guests off to discover the Fort of San Diego, The Historical Museum and the delightful Chapel of Peace.

Marine life sightseeing here is stunning and there are many excursion opportunities to enjoy including snorkelling adventures, scuba diving spectacles and even an opportunity to release baby turtles into the ocean.  Combine these with a refined afternoon tea at the Aztac style creation that is the Acapulco Princess Hotel and you have the makings of a truly wonderful day.  

For a thrill seeking day then head for La Quebrada and take in the cliff diving spectacular.  Watch on as the men willing to risk their lives each and every day say a prayer before delving deep into the ocean, piercing the waves at exactly the right time for an amazing sight.  

Acapulco provides a fabulous port of call for magnificent scenery, sunshine and delectable cuisine; a Mexican highlight, Acapulco’s awe inspiring stature continues to reign proud. 

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