Limon is famous for many reasons in the cruising world, first of all its entrancing beauty but also for the fantastic experiences on offer for an extraordinary day’s adventure.  The rainforest here is where the excitement happens and the chance to take in the Rainforest Aerial Tram is a must for cruise passengers.  This experience provides the chance to take in over 1000 acres of nature reserve and utter beauty as you are whisked through the rainforest canopy for unimaginable views.  Not only this but there’s also the jungle boat option allowing guests to meander the many canal networks that flow throughout the jungle and get up close to the enchanting wildlife.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see what life is like in the rainforest at ground level.  For the daredevils amongst the group, several cruise operators also offer the opportunity to see the rainforest in true Tarzan style.  Yes this really is a possibility; you have the chance to swing through the jungle on a series of traverse cables, maybe just a little slower than the film, however, for safety precautions but still a brilliant experience and a once in a lifetime thrill.

Wildlife here is truly breath taking; you will never run photographic opportunities especially with the magnificent butterflies and birds swirling up above.  There’s even the chance to see the local monkeys on the Tortuguero Canals along with the famed green turtle.

When travelling to Costa Rica, passengers will realise the mesmerising beauty of its unbelievable landscapes.  A large percentage of the area is national parks offering the opportunity to witness over 800 species of birds, and 8000 plant life species.  Here there is also 10% of the world’s butterfly population; it certainly makes for an incredible atmosphere. 

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