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St Peter Port

The beautiful picturesque town of St. Peter Port charms travellers and locals alike, presenting an array of terraced gardens and Georgian constructions that are undeniably breath-taking.

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Considered to be one of Europe’s prettiest harbour ports, St. Peter Port is the capital of Guernsey and the main port. Since the Roman period, St Peter Port has been a fascinating destination and today it still continues to blossom. Guernsey is often best explored by foot, and definitely a port worth stretching your legs for, as you meander through the cobbled streets and take a walk along the picturesque seafront marina. The beautiful picturesque town of St. Peter Port charms travellers and locals alike, presenting an array of terraced gardens and Georgian constructions that are undeniably breath-taking. The quiet lanes here are ideal for public access and create a convenient atmosphere to enjoy the unique surroundings. Walk, cycle or even enjoy a horse ride through the Ruettes and make the most of your time in Guernsey’s capital.

Castle Cornet

Passengers looking to explore the historical elements of the town will appreciate a trip to Castle Cornet that has stood guard over the town for over 800 years. The inside walls of Castle Cornet now house an array of theatres and museums, but it was once a prominent feature for the Royalists during the English Civil War. Castle Cornet not only offers visitors a great insight into the history of the town, but also spectacular panoramic views over the sea and nearby islands.

The German Occupation Museum

Elsewhere the German Occupation Museum here exhibits a distinct insight into island life during WWII. The captivating museum experiences continue at Fort Grey, which is now a shipwreck location but was once a vital stronghold against Napoleon. Witness the maze of tunnels that flow throughout the construction along with the fascinating underground hospital. Experience the prison and fortress room along with many other fascinating areas for a key insight into this major tourist attraction.

Away From the Hustle and Bustle

Other excursion opportunities in St. Peter Port revolve around the many sightseeing locations this town has to offer. Many cruise operators will provide a trip to take passengers away from the hustle and bustle of the centre and delve deeper into the countryside of the area. Visit such sights as the Little Chapel before arriving at Pleinmont cliffs for an entrancing vantage point overlooking St Peters Port. An alternative will be to tour a local workshop and discover the production techniques of unique jewellery creations. Gold and Silversmiths is the destination for this and the ideal place to witness a masterpiece creation take shape from start to finish. 

Herm Island

For something completely different why not try a RIB Boat ride adventure to the north of Herm Island. This is an exciting adrenaline rush to take in some of the local scenery as well as get up close and personal with some of the amazing wildlife. Atlantic grey seals, puffins, dolphins and even wales grace the island with their presence.

Duty Free Shopping

St Peters Port may provide a wonderful array of historical monuments but this fantastic port of call is also very well loved for the many bargain hunting opportunities. Duty free Guernsey is ideal for picking up a brilliant purchase. Fragrances, wine, jewellery and photography equipment are just a few examples of the products available here for fantastic prices. 

St Peters Port is a wonderful destination for a cruise break and a brilliant place to explore a whole host of exciting points of interest. However you wish to spend your day simply relax and enjoy the magnificent charm of Guernsey.

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