Egypt & Red Sea Cruise

Visit some of the world’s most fascinating hidden treasures on a Egypt and Red Sea cruise. Benefitting from a warm climate all year round, Red Sea cruises are a great way to combine a relaxing beach holiday with cultural visits to Egypt and Jordan’s ancient cities, steeped in history and intrigue. Whether you enjoy strolling along golden sands, or immersing yourself in the local way of life, you’ll instantly fall in love with the Middle East.

A Diver’s Delight

The waters of the Red Sea are famed as a diver’s delight, as there are teeming with coral reefs and tropical fish, many of which are native to this part of the world, and cannot be seen anywhere else. It’s estimated that there are more than 1200 different species of sea life living in the Red Sea.

SS Thistlegorm

Travellers from all four corners of the globe flock to the area to dive to the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm, a British Navy ship that was targeted by German troops in 1941. The Thistlegorm draws crowds not only due to its history, but also due to the large amount of cargo that can be seen scattered along the seabed. If you’re looking for that exciting mix of Arabian Desert bordered by idyllic beaches and decadent, charming, and historic towns, then a cruise to Egypt and the Red Sea is definitely for you.

'Pearl of the Mediterranean'

Nothing compares to the grand atmosphere upon arriving into the port of Alexandria and there is a reason why it's known as the 'Pearl of the Mediterranean'. From the ancient Roman ruins, the grand palaces, the picturesque gardens, beaches, and marinas, the unique blend of African and Asian influences, there is something both magical and mystical about this region, and it’s simply begging to be explored.

Land of the Pharaohs

Egypt itself also has much to offer. Known for its ancient empire and biblical legacy, it is perhaps most famous for homing some of the most important historical monuments ever constructed. Cairo and Giza are home to the magnificent Pyramids which really must be seen to be believed. Viewing the Great Pyramid really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the only remaining structure belonging to the seven wonders of the ancient world, there is no other opportunity in the world to get first-hand experience of the greatest and most remarkable engineering feats from the Archaic and Antiquity eras.

The Red Sea region is one of the Middle East’s most luxurious holiday resorts, boasting miles of glorious, white, soft sand teamed with turquoise coloured sea of unbelievable clarity.

Sun Seekers

Sun-seekers and those who are looking for a relaxing holiday to chill out and unwind will appreciate the coral gardens, vast shoals of tropical fish, cloudless blue skies, and unspoilt views over the mountainous landscape of nearby Cyprus. A cruise to Egypt and the Red Sea will fulfil any sun worshipper’s dream, regardless of the time of year.

Full of Treasures

Although dining options on major cruise lines are plentiful, passengers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some classic Egyptian cuisine. Taking influence from Northern Africa, Asia, and Turkey, the local food is both varied and delicious. Pita bread, falafel, kebab, and cool, refreshing dips such as baba ghanoush are considered staples, along with deep fried kibbeh and hearty moussaka. Even just the sound of it is mouthwatering!

When To Visit

Many cruise lines offer the most varied of Red Sea itineraries between autumn and spring, when the weather conditions are at their finest, providing a welcome break from the gloomy British winter. The hot desert climate brings temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees celsius all year round, and very little rainfall. Due to the distance from the UKfly-cruising is recommended for shorter breaks, although those with more time available may opt to visit Egypt as part of a world cruise after visiting the Mediterranean destinations of Greece and Turkey.

While an Egypt and Red Sea cruise appeals greatly to sun-seekers and water sport enthusiasts, there is much more to the region than simply beautiful sights. The culture in the Middle East is so much different to what we’re accustomed to that it really is fascinating to. Whether you’re new to cruising or are a seasoned traveller, an Egypt and Red Sea cruise will be a truly unforgettable experience. 

Egypt & Red Sea Cruise Ports of Call


Safaga provides a welcoming port of call and a tremendous gateway to some of Egypt’s most visited attractions.  From here guests have the opportunity to witness the famous Nile.  This sight will present an unforgettable experience as you head through the small towns before arriving here to soak up the unique and unforgettable atmosphere.  Passengers have many choices when arriving here as the river will be your guide to some of the most incredible locations Egypt has to offer.  Guests have the chance to explore the areas of Karnak and Luxor or alternatively opt to enjoy the spectacular beach resort of Hurghada with its serene clear waters and sumptuous coastal scenery, this is also one of the world’s greatest locations for scuba diving and snorkelling.

A visit to Karnak provides the opportunity to see truly magnificent sightseeing locations.  The Temple of Karnak is remarkable in stature and is renowned for being one of the greatest places of worship in the history of the entire Egyptian history.  The structures in Karnak are truly breath taking and the area is one of the most incredible locations you could imagine to visit.  The temple complex outshines that of any other in the ancient world and its size is utterly mesmerising.  Amon Ra was the inspiration behind the original temples creation, built in his honour to celebrate the Sun God.  From that the time the complex of temples has grown in scale and enrichment following the workd of pharaohs over almost 2,000 years. 

Luxor is also a wonderful place to see and once again offers fabulous sightseeing opportunities for cruise passengers to enjoy.  You will drive across the Nile to here before arriving at the sensational Valley of the Kings, which also holds the title of the City of the Dead.  The reason for this title is that the dead were buried here due to the sun setting in the west.  Pharaohs were buried here and the scale and grandeur of their tombs would depend on the length of which they reigned.  In total 64 pharaohs tombs currently reside here, the most famous of course being that of Tutankhamun.  His tomb can be seen but will only be open for a short period of time each day, therefore it depends on the cruise operator you are travelling as to whether this will be included in the excursion itself.  If this is a possibility, it is important to note that entrance into the tomb is usually at a small extra entrance fee but it is certainly worth it. 

For photographical sightseeing, without a doubt, two of the best locations are the Colossi of Memnon and the statues of Amenophis at the east bank of the Nile.  Alternative options close to Luxor include the Temple of Luxor. 

If you’re reading this so far and thinking, "sounds good but I would prefer a more relaxing day in the sunshine" then fear not as the options for you are just as fantastic.  Hurghada is your destination for the day and this captivating location has now been transformed into a modern day beach resort yet still retains an alluring desert atmosphere of traditional times.  Awe inspiring beaches combine with magnificent views as you sip a freshly made cocktail under the shimmering sunshine.  Take a dip in the water to cool off or even snorkel the amazing array of coral reefs the area has to offer for the chance to see the tropical fish collection.  Waters sports here are also excellent with the chance to try many different adrenaline fuelling activities. 

The port of Safaga may at first offer an understated sight but it certainly offers a thrilling day’s adventure and relaxation with its gateway to many of Egypt’s most fascinating locations.

Sharm el Sheikh

A sizzling gem on the cusp of the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh is becoming world-renowned as a hotspot for water sports and beach holidays. Not only does its sparkling waters offer a unique opportunity to explore the marine life that lies on the bed of the ocean, but beyond the coastline the desert opens up a world of adventure too. Combined with magnificent sandy beaches, it’s no wonder that Sharm el Sheikh is growing in popularity as a cruise resort.

Sharm el Sheikh is a thriving port that lies at the bottom of the Sinai Peninsula. Nestled between the Straits of Tiran and the Gulf of Aqaba, it enjoys a sheltered outlook that creates a natural sun trap to enhance the already gorgeous climate. In the summer, temperatures can reach as high as the 40s, whilst even in the winter months the climate remains pleasant. However, the real beauty of Sharm el Sheikh is in the clear waters that glisten on the coast, creating a truly stunning setting for a holiday that has captured the hearts of endless visitors.

Underwater Treasures

There are many ways in which visitors can discover the charms of the Red Sea. Diving is the most popular way to explore marine life, and whether you’re a beginner or something of an expert, there are countless operators in the area. The world-famous diving spots of Tiran and Ras Mohammed are easily accessible from Sharm el Sheikh. The latter of these lies close to the SS Thistlegorm shipwreck, deemed to be one of the best wreck diving opportunities in the world.

However diving isn’t the only way in which you can experience the wonderful marine life of Sharm el Sheik, and snorkelling is also a popular activity for those who simply wish to admire the underwater views of enchanting reefs and colourful fish. Snorkelling excursions run daily from the port, whilst many places offer rental of the equipment if you wish to discover Ras Muhammad National Park at your own pace. Another option is to take a glass-bottomed boat out to sea, giving you a front-row seat to some of the amazing secrets of the sea, without having to get wet.


Beyond the waters of the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh is a magical resort that blends culture, activity and nature into one. Spend your days wandering the delightful Sharm Old Town or pursue an adventure by heading out into the desert for a day of sightseeing. With its bustling market and authentic local atmosphere, the Old Town offers a chance to haggle in the bazaars for a fun experience where you can pick up souvenirs to take home. For a different taste of local culture and history, a trip to St Catherines Monastery is essential. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Sinai, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a highlight of the area, regarded as the oldest monastery in the world and the site where Moses saw the burning bush. A less ancient but equally impressive site that brings visitors to Sharm el Sheik is the beautiful Al Musterfa Mosque, with fascinating architecture to discover.

The Desert

The desert that spans out beyond the shores of Sharm el Sheikh is rich in activity for visitors seeking thrills on their holiday. A desert safari is perhaps the best way to explore this arid but interesting place, where mountains and canyons permeate the Sinai desert. Day tours or overnight stays are available, with the chance to experience the local hospitality and Sinai cuisine as a part of your tour. Meanwhile, you can choose to go by camel, horseback or 4x4 to shape your perfect desert safari. Another popular activity is quad biking, for a burst of adrenaline on your Sharm el Sheikh escape as you ride through the expansive stretches of desert with your tour.

Na’ama Bay

A day trip to the luxury resort of Na’ama Bay is a must during your stay in Sharm el Sheikh. Deemed to be one of the best spots along the Egyptian coastline, this cosmopolitan resort offers the very best beaches, shopping and nightlife in the area. Most cruise ships offer trips to Na’ama Bay in their itinerary, giving you an opportunity to take advantage of the luxury facilities with transport to and from the Bay. Here you can unwind and indulge in a five star setting that is sure to be a highlight of any cruise holiday.

With its crystal clear waters, wealth of activity and welcoming culture, Sharm el Sheikh is a magnificent addition to a cruise holiday. Choose from water sports, day trips and sight seeing, or simply sit back and soak up the sizzling sun in the 


The world renowned port of Suez boasts a bustling Egyptian port and the gateway to some of the famous tourist attractions in the region.  From this captivating destination guests have the opportunity to visit Cairo and in particular the Pyramids at Giza.  Not only is the port itself a fantastic place to visit but the transit along the famous Suez Canal is truly spectacular.  Make sure you're out on deck to catch the breath taking sights as your ship makes its way along one of the world’s greatest sailing experiences.  The Suez Canal actually gives passengers the impression they are sailing right through the centre of the desert, an unforgettable spectacle.  The port of Suez lies at the Red Sea end of the Suez Canal and is a must see when sailing this area. 

The illustrious Suez Canal presents one of the finest maritime points of interest you could possibly imagine and at 101 miles long it is a unique vantage point for a great photograph.  Fifteen years in the making, this stunning scenic voyage opportunity was completed in 1869 hugely cutting the journey time from England to India down by reducing the sailing by 7,000 miles.  The majority of cruise vessels when sailing into the port of Suez will have travelled through or be about to sail through the Suez Canal, however, there are certain cruises that will not and just visit Suez before heading off in the other direction.  If the Suez Canal is something you wish to do, then make sure this is included in the itinerary.  For a cruise just visiting Suez without a trip through the famous Canal, there is still the chance to witness the majestic sights of the action by talking a stroll along the Corniche where you can capture the image of ships lining up in preparation to begin their transit towards the other side of the globe. 

Excursion opportunities from the port of Suez often revolve primarily around tour to Cairo.  The best-selling options by far include the chance to take in the Necropolis of Sakkara, Pyramids of Giza and the ancient cemetery of Sakkara.  The world renowned tourist attractions continue to boast an incredible wow factor as you step up close to take in the dominant stature of such high profile structures.  I was the Ancient Greeks who first declared the Great Pyramid to be one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ and this is still the case today.  A visit here takes passengers to through the heart of the bustling metropolis of Cairo before arriving at the Western Plateau for a brilliant vantage point of all three pyramids and the chance to capture a once in a lifetime photograph.  If you have extra time in the area or if the tour includes it, then be sure to visit the nearby pleasures of the Papyrus Institute as well as taking in the many local bazaars for superb shopping opportunities.  Make sure you are ready to haggle and barter your way to a bargain for the best result. 

A trip to Suez provides the chance to witness two of the world’s most incredible sights.  Take in the mesmerising views of the Suez Canal before travelling to Cairo and Giza for the Great Pyramid.  There is nothing quite like the vision of these iconic experiences for an unforgettable cruising holiday.

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