Xingang is the gateway to a whole host of exciting destinations.  The most popular of all for cruise passengers visiting here is certainly the magnificent city of Beijing.  The amazing Chinese capital pays testament to its historical heritage by preserving its glorious temples and palaces whilst intertwining this culture with modern day architectural innovations.  Incredible sky scrapers dominate the skies to create an outstanding sky line and unique city scape. 

For the ultimate city tour, be sure to look into the excursions available with your cruise operator.  There are often a brilliant range of options available when calling at Xingang so plan ahead for what suits you best.  The overall Beijing city tours are excellent and offer the chance to soak up the amazing atmosphere whilst witnessing some of the miraculous structures the city has to offer.  The Temple of Heaven is often the first stop and it’s not hard to see why.  This is the largest collection of temple buildings throughout China and still stands today as the largest centre for worship in the entire world.  The temple is renowned for its historical presence following its creation in 1420.  It was here that the emperors prayed for a good harvest, worshipping the God of Heaven.  Other exceptional sightseeing opportunities include the phenomenal Tiananmen Square and the infamous Forbidden City.  Tiananmen Square is the largest square in the world spanning an impressive 34 acres and hosting some of the finest buildings around.  From here, the photo opportunities are countless.  Guests can see the National Museum and the Great Hall of the People.  The Forbidden City is equally exciting.  An impeccable array of gardens, palaces and exquisite temples awaits covering a vast area of over 250 acres.  This spectacular site combines culture and architecture to deliver a unique experience to all who visit.  The Forbidden City was originally constructed to be the dwelling for the Ming and Qing Dynasties.  

Another sensational excursion opportunity when arriving into the port of Xingang is to visit one of the new Seven Wonders of the World; the Great Wall of China.  This iconic attraction is an absolute must for passengers wishing to see a truly great symbol of China.  The journey to the Great Wall will take approximately 2¾ hours but is certainly worth the trip.  Most cruise lines visiting here use the same methods for this excursion taking passengers to the Huangyaguan section of the Great Wall.  Excursions here provide a generous amount of free time to roam and explore the man-made structure whilst taking in the simply awesome views from such an incredible site.  The Great Wall spans 5 provinces and 2 autonomous regions.  The length in total reaches over 4,473 miles and was designed to create a united frontal defence against northern travelling parties.  The routes are traced back to the 5th century and the concept was created by Qin Shihuang; the first emperor of China.  The Great Wall is even said to be visible from space; a truly astonishing man-made achievement.

The Olympic legacy following the games of 2008 has enhanced the area even more and provides another great excursion option to choose from, this is often combined with the exquisite Summer Palace.  

For a unique experience and to have the pleasure of saying you have done it, head for Beijing South Train Station and take a ride on the breath taking bullet train.  Reach speeds of up to 240 miles per hour heading for Tianjin before returning to the ship.

This exceptional port of call opens the door to some of China’s greatest attractions.  Not only do you have the pleasure of such sensational sightseeing opportunities but there is also the chance to sample the local cuisine and revel in the cultural lifestyle of an audacious destination.  Welcome to Xingang, a cruise holiday destination where exploration is endless.

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