Hiroshima has seen a diverse history of utter destruction followed by a remarkable rebirth.  It was on 6 August 1945 that the atomic blast hit leaving area in devastation but since that fateful day the destination has undergone an incredible transformation to become a modern day inspiration.  One of the most captivating places to visit is the Peace Memorial Park that was built to commemorate the shocking explosion and promote a peaceful world.  The Peace Memorial Park was built around the epicentre of the blast and is certainly worth seeing when visiting this incredible location.

The explosion required a dramatic rebirth but there is still one building that remains standing today having survived the blast with manageable damage.  This building is the Atomic Bomb Dome and is now classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

If you’re looking to witness a view of epic proportions then head for the neaby island of Miyajima.  This outstanding island offers the opportunity to take in what is considered to be one of Japan’s top three scenic views.  The island is also famous for its Itsukushima shrine and floating tori monument.

Hiroshima is a fascinating industrial city featuring a string of vast boulevards and criss-crossing rivers.  Having gone through a terrible ordeal this stunning location now boasts a cosmopolitan vibe with outstanding cuisine and bustling options for nightlife and shopping.  Guests expecting to step off their ship expecting to find a city still in turmoil are in for a huge surprise as Hiroshima now boasts all the glamour and glory not to mention blinking neon lights of any other modern day Japanese city. 

You can learn all about a truly spectacular history of this city here without even scratching the surface of the atomic bomb.  It was in 1589 that the city was founded and at this time in itself opens up a hugely intriguing world of historical events.  It was in this period that the Battle of Sekigahara took place marking the beginning of the Tokugawa shogunate.  It was this event that set the tone for the upcoming centuries in the city with control being handed to the Asano clan of samurai.  Under their control and leadership the city faced many centuries without incident and it was the descendants of this clan that embraced modernisation enabling Hiroshima to become a huge player in industry and an active port for trade. 

Away from historical learning’s the city also offers certain intimate and delicate surrounding for cruise passengers to stroll and enjoy a serene peace.  Such areas include the wonderful Japanese garden of Shukkeien, which literally translates to ‘shrink scenery garden’.  This exquisite location was constructed in the 17th century and remains a beautiful attraction for cruise holiday visitors to this day. 

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