Considered by many to be one of Malaysia’s finest tropical paradise destinations, this fantastic port of call never fails to impress.  Here you’ll discover a wonderful combination of spectacular beach settings, mystical folklore and majestic jungle covered hills.

The true beauty of this fabulous destination is its unspoilt scenery.  Once a sanctuary for pirates the area is made up of a cluster of approximately 99 different island all separated from the mainland by the Straits of Malacca.  This is an incredibly attractive archipelago and remains a stunning place to visit on a cruise.

There is a lot to do here so be sure to plan your time wisely.  Pulau Langkawi is the largest island and also home to a collection of magnificent cascading waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and remarkable mountain peaks.  When it comes to beautiful landscapes, this destination is in a league of its own.  For shopping lovers, the attractions lie at the main town of Kuah, ideal for making duty free purchases.  Nearby to Kuah is the Mahsuris Mausoleum, a shine that was erected to honour Mahsuri, a maiden unjustly accused of adultery.  The legend of Mashuri is a tragic story of a young maid that lived on the island.  Her husband was called to the army and she was wrongly accused of adultery by a jealous wife and was therefore sentenced to death.  She was killed with a sacred sword and the story goes that she is said to have led white blood, proof of her innocence that was unfortunately too late.  This is a fascinating structure and one of the most popular sightseeing attractions here.  Combine shopping and sightseeing for a great day.

One of the most popular shore excursions here is the fantastic cable car experience that provides amazing panoramic views of Langkawi and in particular the breathtakingly stunning islands that are dotted around Langkawi itself.  You can even see the islands of Thailand when choosing this experience.  The very top station for the cable car ride is situated on Machincang Mountain, believed to have been formed well over 500 years ago and providing one of the greatest views imaginable. 

For the chance to gain a greater insight into local life, visit one of the many quaint Malay Kampung villages scattered across the island to enjoy further dramatic Langkawi landscapes and learn more about the fascinating local lifestyle.  Alternatively you could visit the Rice Garden, a great place to see and one of Langkawi’s eco-tourism attractions.  A visit here offers the chance to view all aspects of rice cultivation, the oldest industry in Malaysia.  Discover the industry’s rich heritage and view intriguing exhibits at the Museum. 

For something different and a unique experience, certain cruise lines offer the opportunity to visit Underwater World.  This is a fantastic attraction and showcases a collection of colourful marine life and over 5000 tropical fish.  There are more than 100 specially designed tanks here to look after the stunning marine life but by far the most renowned and impressive feature is the amazing architectural concept that is the hexagonal tank and walk through tunnel.  See sharks, turtles and stingrays before making your way to the sub-Antarctic ecosystem display featuring a penguinarium. 

Lagkawi is a thrilling destination to visit and offers so much to see and do but if you feel like just relaxing and lazing the day away then fear not as the magnificent beaches here are the perfect places to indulge in the gorgeous warm climate. 

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