Set in the Indian Ocean, this stunningly beautiful destination offers the opportunity to witness an inspirational mix of cultures combined with the most spectacular scenery.  Mauritius is situated due east of Madagascar and boasts incredible volcanic and mountainous sights.  This really is a picture postcard perfect destination, especially for passengers looking to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. 

When you imagine Mauritius, the first thing many people visualise is white sandy beaches flowing into crystal clear seas, sound about right?  Well your spot on because that’s exactly what this glorious port of call offers.  You’ll also see a superb range of luxury hotels here but there is far more to the island paradise of Mauritius than this. 

The collaboration of diverse cultures, sublime beaches, a glistening climate, rugged natural beauty, high-end luxurious shopping and tranquil temples is truly spectacular.  This port of call may seem like just a beach lover’s paradise at first glance but cosmopolitan Mauritius has something for everyone.  Port Louis is the capital and is renowned for being Africa’s wealthiest city.  This is your arrival point and it certainly makes a fabulous first impression.  Port Louis is located right at the base of the Moka mountain range providing a captivatingly scenic arrival.  The central market here is excellent and well worth a look round for a special purchase or for a quainter and more intimate market experience head for the nearby area of Mahebourg.  If you’re looking for a place to take in the history of this enchanting island then head to the fantastic National History Museum, which provides an excellent background on the mélange of traditions inhabiting this tiny island.

You may prefer to head inland and if so you have the opportunities to explore such areas as Quatre Bornes and Curepipe within the Central Plateau.  Both these exquisite towns are famed for their thriving garment markets. 

Fancy a refreshing drink?  Opt for the local cane rum; it’s a truly gorgeous taste and well worth a sample.  Alternatively we highly recommend the delicious coconut water here for a refreshing treat.  If you’re in the mood for a sweet then sample a “gateaux" to enjoy a traditional local favourite. 

Sightseeing is truly special here but perhaps the most stunning excursion choice of all is Tamarind Falls.  This wonderful location is a string of seven waterfalls set in the most incredible green valley backdrop.  This really is a breathtaking location to visit and one we would certainly recommend for passengers looking to witness something unique.  There are other fascinating sightseeing experiences however and these come in the form of the Black River Gorges National Park, a location ideal for a wondrous hike to the highest point on the island known as Black River Peak.  From here you’ll witness one of the most magnificent views imaginable.  Alternatively opt for a visit to the Crocodile Park to witness its namesake inhabitants but also a wide range of other wildlife including the famous island tortoises. 

For the ideal shopping experience head for the Grand Bay, situated in the north of the island boasting sublime shops, luxurious eateries and a great collection of bars offering excellent nightlife.

Now that we’ve covered the islands alternative beauty, it’s about time we did look at the amazing beach scenes here.  Passengers often make a beeline for the island’s beaches upon arrival and its certainly not hard to see why.  Aquatic enthusiasts will love Grand Bay for sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing whilst La Cuvette and Pereybere Cove are ideal for a chilled out day of relaxing under the shimmering sunshine of the paradise climate here.  Blue Bay Beach is also a fantastic choice for lazing the day away. 

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