Nha Trang

The rise of Nha Trang as a cruise port continues to gather pace.  This wonderful cruise destination invites passengers to explore its lush forest scenery and stunning waterfront.  This is a charming Vietnamese seaside town and boasts sublime golden beaches for guests to enjoy.  The contemporary sophistication of the town is now a huge attraction and this is a great place to visit when cruising this part of the world

Water lovers will thoroughly enjoy a visit here.  The uncrowded beaches make the perfect settings for spectacular diving, snorkelling and water sport opportunities.  The main City Beach in particular is one of the best spots to visit even if you prefer to just sit back, relax and watch the world go by.  If you do reach the point when you tire of sunbathing then head into the surrounding city areas to take in the fascinating rich history of this special place.  Visit the Towers of Po Nagar, one of the most sacred and precious sites here.  The towers date back to the 7th century and are situated close by to the city centre.  Take in the Cham Tower and discover the intriguing story of the Chams, an ancient Hindu/Moslem minority that run a society along matriarchal lines, property passes from mothers to daughters.  The Long Son Pagoda is also a great site to see.

Excursions here like many cruise destinations, are brilliant but Nha Trang offers a range of unique sights to see.  The aforementioned Long Son Pagoda is often a starting point for many tours and is the oldest pagoda in Nha Trang boasting two dragon balustrades decorations to mark the entrance.  Such tours allow the opportunity to explore numerous sites without having to experience potential queues.  A visit to see Long Son Pagoda leads perfectly into the Xom Bong Bridge, the most famous landmark of the area.  From here you can even make a stop for a photographical opportunity as the Po Nagar Cham Tower comes into view. 

Another extremely popular place to see when visiting here is the brilliant Oceanographic Institute.  Here you can discover some of the incredible marine life species that live in the surrounding tropical sea.  Alternatively for shopping there’s the bustling attraction of the vibrant Dam Market Place, a central commercial market where you can  pick up some fantastic souvenirs and bargain for the price that you want.  You can even visit the silk embroidery workshop if you wish and witness the beautiful handicrafts being produced.  The superb work of the Vietnamese ladies here is outstanding and the handicrafts are available to purchase.

Nha Trang is not just about the city and it’s central attractions.  Other excellent excursion opportunities are available here to visit the stunning countryside scenery of Vietnam.  Heading just a few miles out of the city you will find yourselves in the wondrously picturesque countryside adorned with majestic palm trees and fruit orchards.  This is an opportunity to see traditional Vietnam as you will pass by farmers and the locals as well as rice paddies and not forgetting wildlife such as the occasional grazing water buffalo.  Many of the villages in the countryside are post war creations, however if you wish, there are certain ancient buildings that still remain to this day.  The countryside invites passengers to see traditional Vietnamese homes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  There’s also the opportunity to see communal houses such as the Vinh Thai Village.  Here you’ll see residents worshipping village gods and first ancestors.

A visit to Vietnam would not be the same without sampling some of the local cuisine.  Even if you do not wish to try some of the more traditional local dishes, a coconut drink and a taste of the seasonal fruits is still a worthwhile experience. 

Nha Trang is a great place to visit and a special destination when cruising this magnificent region.

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