This port of call is steeped in history.  Okinawa has recreated itself following the catastrophic destruction in 1945.  The site experienced one of the most intense and severe military battles in history and required years to rebuild and re-establish itself following the damage.  There are a total of 160 Ryukyu Islands in the Pacific Ocean and Okinawa is the largest of them all.  This fascinating destination offers an unforgettable experience and is certainly a port to saviour when cruising this part of the world.  

Cultural highlights here are superb and two of Okinawa’s greatest sights to behold include the magnificent Shikinaen Gardens and the Ryukyu Mura.  The Shikinaen Gardens exude beauty from the exquisite pathways to the delicate grace of the Rokkaku-do Pavilion.  Then comes the Ryukyu Mura and it’s amazing attempts to preserve the Okinawan heritage.  Here guests will discover an actual recreation an ancient village; a truly spectacular sight.  Along with the two aforementioned sights there are also many locations of great interest to see.  Shuri Castle is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site showcasing an outstanding display of Japanese, Chinese and above all Okinawan styles.  An alternative option would be to head to the hills of Mabuni to see the Peace Memorial Park and the Peace Memorial Museum.  The park commemorates the civilians who died during the epic battle of 1945 and the museum exhibits a full chronicle of the Okinawan experience during this tragic time.  Artefacts, artworks and historical objects can all be found here to tell their own story of a destructive period in the heritage of this captivating destination.  Should passengers wish, many cruise lines also offer the chance to see the battlefield sites themselves and gain greater insight into the battle that lasted 90 days known as a ‘Typhoon of Steel’.

To experience local traditions, one of the most delightful experiences has to be the attraction of the Okinawan sounds.  The music here is amazing and its unique tones compliment both rock and jazz influences.  An enthralling show can be seen in many venues throughout the island for a more relaxing experience of a wonderful culture.  

Okinawa presents an incredible story and welcomes cruise passengers with open arms to experience its alluring magnetisms and fascinating charms.  This port of call is something truly special and a marvellous destination to visit when cruising this exhilarating part of the world.

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