Phu My

This excellent port of call is the gateway to Ho Chi Minh City and amongst the swarming streets you will discover a whole host of fascinating landmarks and remarkable history.  The ornamental pagodas alone are enough to light up the city whilst the museums are a must for those wishing to gain insight into the remarkable culture of this wondrous location. 

You are free to explore independently when heading ashore at Phu My but we would always recommend looking into an excursion when visiting here to get the most from your visit.  Here you have the chance to see an array of amazing attractions often beginning with the tunnel network at Cu Chi, which were used by the Viet Cong during the war.  These incredible tunnels once stretched all the way from the South Vietnamese capital right to the Cambodian border. 

Phu My is a wonderful port of call to visit but it is undeniable that a call into this destination is all about the opportunity to experience Ho Chi Minh City.  This is an amazing city, full of contrasts and a truly special place to see.  Still commonly referred to as Saigon, the city is located on the banks of the Saigon River and offers so much to see and do, the choices are endless.  The National History Museum is a great place to head and is filled with superb features including stone and bronze relics, ancient ceramics and traditional costumes.  You can even take in a traditional Vietnamese water puppetry performance here; a unique and famous local spectacle.  From here be sure not to miss out on seeing the new Romanesque Notre Dame Cathedral and it’s spectacular twin spires that are a true city highlight.  Other exciting attractions include the once Presidential Palace, Reunification Hall where Liberation forces marked the end of the Vietnam War on the special date of 30 April, 1975. 

Aside from sightseeing, other attractions here include the local cuisine.  Many cruise lines provide the chance to sample Vietnamese cuisine but look out for excursions that also include traditional music and dance whilst you dine as this is a great experience of the local culture.  Other cultural enrichment opportunities include the chance to see the famous lacquer factory here and witness the amazingly talented Vietnamese craftsmen at work. 

Before your time is up, even if you catch just a glimpse of the Thien Hau Temple, it is definitely worth it.  This outstanding structure is breath taking and is dedicated to the Sea Goddess, Protector of Sailors.

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