Sihanoukville is a stunning port of call situated on the southern coast of Cambodia.  This wonderful cruise destination is renowned for its remarkably beautiful white beaches, ideal for lazing the day away amongst superb scenery.  Also known as Kampong Saom, this stunning port of call is a fantastic experience when cruising the Far East.  Ochheuteal Beach is one of the most famous here and certainly one of the most beautiful.  This gorgeous location stretches for miles and is even almost deserted in places.  From such a spot you can spend many hours indulging in the warm climates and blissful sunshine whilst gazing out to the nearby Gulf of Thailand.

Sihanoukville is also a fantastic destination for cultural exploration and there are a good choice of excursions here with most cruise lines.  The Unthnean Pagoda Wat Krom is a fascinating attraction to visit and the complex is surrounded by five villages.  Otherwise known as ‘Lower Temple’, this location was home to monks during the time when temples and houses were destroyed and they were removed.  It was not until 1979 that the Pagoda received a renovation and it was at this time that the monks returned.  Along with its tremendous history, Wat Krom also boasts sensational views out to sea and passengers can also explore the small chapel here, which is dedicated to Ya-Mao, a local deity.

An exciting option when visiting this port of call is to experience traditional Cambodian life and you can do this by visiting one of the local villages.  Many cruise lines offer this opportunity as an excursion and we do advise you to choose this option if you wish to discover local traditions rather than explore independently.  The tours are extremely insightful and very well organised.  A typical Khmer-style village is a great thing to see and some tours even include the chance to visit local schools. 

Sihanoukville really is a place of complete contrast.  One the one hand you have traditional villages and on the other you have incredible private beaches with dazzling white sands alongside stunning hotels such as the Sokha Beach Resort, once voted one of the ‘Best New Hotels in the World’.  This beautiful setting sits amongst an array of gorgeous landscapes and private gardens before leading down to the sumptuous beaches below.  Many cruise lines also offer an excursion here to enjoy ultimate relaxation at the resort’s private beach with full use of the hotel facilities, swimming pool and even the renowned BBQ lunch.

A visit here is truly special and this magnificent destination is a unique wonder when cruising this spectacular part of the world.

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